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ECS Tuning magnetic sump plug
ECS Tuning magnetic sump plugECS Tuning magnetic sump plug

Remove abrasive metal particles from drivetrain fluid to ensure longevity.
ECS Tuning's Magnetic Plugs are engineered in-house for a perfect fit and feature a permanent magnet fastened to the plug body. The magnet attracts and holds minute abrasive and ferrous metal particles, preventing their circulation through lubrication systems.
Metal particles can appear in lubricating or hydraulic systems as a result of the following conditions:
-The constant flaking effect due to normal wear of moving parts
-Particles not removed by flushing operations after boring or machining
-Chipping due to sub-surface casting flaws
-Minute component breakdown caused by stress usage

A combination of these factors can account for the presence of metal particles, which can cause excessive wear to vital components unless they are removed. By holding these particles, ECS Tuning's Magnetic Plugs help prevent excessive wear to the internal components of your drivetrain.

This drain plug includes 1 aluminium crush washer.

Added by Shoduchi, on 2016-12-23 12:35:48
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