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Mk5 General Area / Re: Wings part 2
« Last post by amanda on Today at 02:40:37 pm »
That annoying... did they leave out the foam inserts?

I have no idea as I cannot see but as these were replaced by a dealership and to say I am unhappy is a complete understatement!!!!!!
Mk5 General Area / Re: Wings part 2
« Last post by rich83 on Today at 02:31:55 pm »
That annoying... did they leave out the foam inserts?
Members Rides / Re: "Members rides" Maybe
« Last post by SquishySquashy on Today at 02:02:05 pm »
My relation did this a few months ago jealous was an under statement
Mk5 General Area / 2008 Golf GTI 136000 miles Whats it worth?
« Last post by SquishySquashy on Today at 01:55:48 pm »
Hi all,

Thinking of selling my 2008 Silver Golf GTI and upgrading to the Edition 35 was wondering what mine would be worth private.  Info below:

2008 Golf GTI 2.0 Mk5 - K30MKV

Full Major Service - Work Done @ D.R Autos Bishops Storftford - £1299.74 Invoice Included
136,030 miles with a full major service @ 131,372 miles which included:

Timing Belt Kit (VW)
Water Pump (VW)
Drive Belt (VW)
Engine Oil (VW)
Oil Filter (VW)
Air Filter (VW)
Spark Plugs (VW)
Pollen Filter (VW)
PCV Valve (VW)
High Pressure  Fuel Pump Follower (VW)
High Pressure  Fuel Pump Gasket (VW)
Diverter Valve (VW)
Nearside Front Suspension arm ball joint dust cover (VW)
Front CV Boots Replaced (VW) 20/01/22

In great condition inside and out, drives solid as it should from the recent service.  Has allways been cleaned inside and out every weekend with autoglym products.

Heated full leather seats.

VW Mk6 Diamond Cut Alloys in excellent condition

Continental Eco Contact 6 all round recently purchased

A few subtle upgrades:

RCD 360 Car Stereo - Apple Car Play + Android Auto
A brand new Milltek Non Res Cat Back exhaust system from AMD Tuning where they fitted it as well. 06/11/2021
Edition 30 Rear Lights  - These are very hard to come by.
I will also be including my private plate K30 MKV.
Tinted Windows (legal tint)
Reverse Parking Sensors
Windscreen Replaced 15/01/2022

Mk5 General Area / Wings part 2
« Last post by amanda on Today at 01:53:35 pm »
Ok had both my wings replaced by vw under warranty and ffs they are rotting again ………..anyone else had this happen??????
Monday am going to phone vw Uk again
Mk5 General Area / Re: Edition 30 Alignment
« Last post by LC5F on Today at 11:28:28 am »
Review bush condition, if there are shot bushes there is no point getting alignment done until those are replaced.

I am sure are is improved alignment settings out there, but the issue will be finding a garage willing to adjust to them- you would most likely be looking for a specialist in wheel alignment.
For their indemnity, the big nationwide garage chains just set to what their computer says - and that is it! - as an example of how strict they are (not applicable to our Golfs), if your car is something weird that isn't in their computer database for the machine, they wont touch it.

From the readings you have added, assuming the powerflex anti lift kit is still good, it looks like either Left top mount has sagged or front control arm bush is on the way out - if it is loose you may be finding vague steering and tramlining.
Rear left look suspect for failed bushes - for OEM bushes the quickest option is replace entire arms.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Air con help
« Last post by Jons1001 on Today at 08:51:22 am »
I've got the pressure switch coming any day now so will let you know if this solves it for me. If not gona buy the solenoid.
Did this solve your issue?

Hi, very sorry I never updated . Turned out in my case I was lucky as when I got under the car to fit an ac solenoid valve (pressure sensor didn't solve it and is fitted from above but reading on you'll see why it didnt solve it) I noticed the sensor for the solenoid had been left unplugged by the mechanic who fitted the thermostat a few weeks earlier! So this was why my ac wasn't working all along!

I have got a pressure sensor, the crows foot spanner needed to fit it and an ac solenoid valve you could have for a reasonable price though now if you're interested.

Edit: just noticed you had your thermostat changed too, get under and have a look. Mine was very obvious as the sensor was just hanging there disconnected.

Mk5 General Area / Re: New Rev G DV failed within 50 miles?
« Last post by breeze on Yesterday at 10:56:38 pm »
The conclusion is that all is well…

Long story short, the app (Car Scanner) that I was using was showing corrected peak boost pressures. In other words it was correctly deducting atmospheric. I thought it wasn’t, so was subtracting 14.5 PSI (ish).

The reason why I thought it wasn’t deducting atmospheric:
- With a brand new Rev G fitted, it showed ~34 PSI peak (and was briefly crazy fast). I read this as 20 PSI.
- After the first drive it started showing ~24 PSI peak (and was much slower). I read this as 10 PSI.

What I think happened is that the boost spiked massively after fitting the new Rev G diverter valve. This was a one-off. Maybe because the battery had been disconnected and all of the adaptations had been lost. That was enough to register on the app. It settled down to a much more normal level for a Stage 1 car after a little while.

I had VCDS delivered yesterday. With logging it was boosting to 20 PSI, with specified and actual matching very closely. In other words, there are (now) no issues at all.

Lessons learned:
- My old Rev C was probably fine.
- You may get a one-off spike with a new diverter valve/battery reset. If you do, it will be fun.
- Car Scanner reports corrected values. Not with perfect accuracy, but for £5 or so quite useful. Probably good enough to tell you if you have a significant boost leak (and whether you need to replace your DV).
- VCDS not offering a mobile app for £225 is ridiculous (sorry, it’s 2022… a laptop on the passenger seat makes no sense). And no, a WiFi web interface for £430 does not count…

Hopefully this is useful to someone. Got there in the end.

Thanks for all the help. :happy2:
Mk5 General Area / Edition 30 Alignment
« Last post by Cosmos on Yesterday at 10:18:17 pm »
Needing my alignment done. Is there anything i should be noticing when driving the car with the alignment the way it is ?  I have bilstein b8 dampers, kw springs and a powerflex anti lift kit fitted. Is there anything i would benefit from fitting before getting the alignment adjusted or even different settings. The car just gets used on the road. Many thanks

Cosmetic/Interior Modifications / Re: Mk7 steering wheel into mk5 gti
« Last post by spb on Yesterday at 08:13:10 pm »
Using the car more and more at the track and less on public roads I decided to swap the chunky mk5 GTI steering wheel for a thinner easier to grip, especially with racing gloves, mk7 GTI steering wheel.
I went thru the thread 2 times but I'm still not sure if I got this right. I can get even a mfsw with cruise mk7 steering wheel and just the buttons will not work but paddles will work. If I want to get the buttons working I need to get modules without cruise control and replace them. Is this correct?
I see that polo 6c flat bottom steering wheels are quite cheap. Is the steering wheel outside perimeter the same as mk7 gti? Are the steering wheels from the following pictures the same? (the outline not buttons, airbag etc)

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