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Website cert expired
on May 14, 2021, 08:19:50 am
Hi @Andy @dazza you probably already know but if not, the website certificate expired yesterday.


Re: GVK's Edition 30
Last Poster: Mekaniko in Members Rides on Today at 09:24:59 am
Next one? a GTD?  :evilgrin:

Re: Downpipe and remap.
Last Poster: rich83 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:43:00 pm
Just asking the question, but what’s the point in a 100cel cat?
Most 200cel cats struggle to get through MOT emissions these days, so surely it’s either 200cel and thrashing it before the MOT, or decat and a frien

Re: Engine cutting out
Last Poster: LC5F in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 06:47:28 pm
Is that £600 just for the part or fitment too?
To get at the loom it would need the intake manifold off - an awkward job, wonder what the book rate is for that.

The whole change in brand Pudding was talking about is intriguing - why would a tyre company be making intake throttles - Simple, they bought out VDO. nbsp
The continental site links into the VDO online c

New member…
Last Poster: Birchy in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 05:37:58 pm
Hi all,

New to the forum and VW ownership!

I picked up this Mk5 GTi back in July and so far have done the following (with some help from some posts on here!)

- Thermostat replaced
- Cam chain and tensioner replaced along with the 3 carbon rings on adjuster unit
- Full 3 stage paint correction
- Refurbished BBS Monza 2 alloys with all

Re: MK5 French Black Magic GTI
Last Poster: Murderous972 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 03:17:35 pm
Some items i received for the car that were in the last picture.

A brand new front grill because the stock one lost his colour. The grill became grey

It'#039s a plastic part which fitted on the side of dri

Re: That Japanese GTI Wagon ! BIG UPDATE
Last Poster: GVK in Members Rides on Yesterday at 01:43:27 pm
Worth a swap to some proper pads imo. Sorry for OT.

Re: Poor idle
Last Poster: JASGTI in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on September 26, 2021, 04:54:51 pm
Good evening

So after changing the rocker cover, pcv and pipes it still ideas poor and hunting. So took the air box and MAF off reved it up a little and took it for a spin and its 99% better maybe just a little hint of it but nothing major. Should I be getting new MAF or is this pointing to something else?

Re: Audi A3 BBT K03 TFSI Hybrid
Last Poster: brian_badonde in Mk5 General Area on September 26, 2021, 01:13:37 pm
Happy days then!

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Re: 07 mk5 heating only working on passenger side not drivers... help
Last Poster: titchy in Mk5 General Area on September 26, 2021, 09:32:14 am
on you rube theres a guy diagnose dan shows to diagnose and fix fhis

Re: Retrofit folding mirrors mk5 HELP!!!
Last Poster: Sebas_theFish in Mk5 General Area on September 26, 2021, 08:10:48 am
1K0959701/702N are the ones I used. 3rd gen ones that support folding.

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Re: Esso Supreme 99+
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on September 26, 2021, 07:21:22 am
There’s a conspiracy theory floating around that BP fabricated their driver shortage to try pressure the government into expanding the visas for drivers so they could pull in more cheaper Eastern European drivers rather than pay local ones the proper market rate. One way or another, it’s going to be an interesting winter….

Re: Rear drop link stuck!
Last Poster: rich83 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on September 25, 2021, 02:30:22 pm
Good job.

Re: LED bulbs causing dash light
Last Poster: LC5F in Members Rides on September 25, 2021, 12:24:51 pm
I installed Mk7 LED'#039s recently, despite switching of the check number plates it still was throwing up occasional error - but MOT is looming, law of sod an error will pop up in the test.

Just tried looking for:
09 Central Electronics ->gt Byte 17, Bit 7

My 2006 Golf stops at Bit 6
To be absolutely sure I am going to revert to filament bulbs in the

Re: The best HPFT out there for mk5 gti 2lt Turbo
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on September 25, 2021, 11:19:32 am
The Loba chews through cam followers, as does any pump with stronger spring than stock. For that reason I would choose VIS for value, and Integrated Engineering for long term reliability.

Re: Recaro Wingback Seats
Last Poster: Sebas_theFish in Mk5 General Area on September 25, 2021, 07:49:37 am
is expensive and not achievable for those particular seats.

Here'#039s some pics showing the condition of the seats:-

[img width=442 height=786]

Air Con issue with a twist…
Last Poster: oldskool.andy in Mk5 General Area on September 24, 2021, 04:12:57 pm
Hi All,

Tried searching to see if anyone had a similar issue but couldn’t find anything or went screen blind searching!

I have a November 04 build GTI that has just just been into VW to try and diagnose my lack of Air Con.

They checked for leaks and then filled the system and it works but they advised that the Compressor was weak as it took a while

Re: Rough Idle goes when N205 disconnected
Last Poster: LC5F in Mk5 General Area on September 24, 2021, 03:20:33 pm
If you are confident your timing has not changed, it could be one of the ceramic seals in the Camshaft Adjuster Housing has broken, they get brittle with age - and quite often in YT films and online "quothow to'#039s"quot they don'#039t get a mention of how easy they are to break when removing/installing the cover.

Genuine ones painfully are over £40 a set of 3 - But I have just ins

Re: Advice - returning to stock vs not before sale
Last Poster: Fallout-NL in Mk5 General Area on September 24, 2021, 02:56:18 pm
Hi All,
I’m after some advice please about whether to return my mk5 gti to stock, or closer to, before selling it privately and/or trading in.

It’s the usual storey of new baby arrival means I need a more practical car. I was hoping to keep the gti forever but due to COVID contract

Re: Driver's side curtain airbag loom issues
Last Poster: Aeromotion in Mk5 General Area on September 24, 2021, 01:14:47 pm
Hi, I'#039m new here, but am posting this for the benefit of anyone plagued with an airbag light issue. My wife has a 2nd hand 2008 Golf+ which developed this fault about 4 months after we first got it. Long story short, the problem in our case is with the loom connector in the door pillar. The two small pins low down in this connector which service the door mounted sensor are prone t

Re: Strange fluctuating Boosting issue
Last Poster: masaichris in Mk5 General Area on September 24, 2021, 08:52:05 am
Well, just to drag this one up, i finally took the time to investigate this myself today (The car is never used so its been kinda put off until now)
And a quick look turns up this..... So, for the moment the intake kit is off and stock intake and engine cover refitted until i get a replacement for


Sadly, sale of my Edition 30
Single Image
    Location: Spalding area Lincolnsire PE129
    Collection Only

    2008 Edition 30 57 reg 2314 with plaque.
    88k miles, owned since 66k 5 former keepers 2 keys
    Silver 3 dr manual 6-speed
    Privacy glass
    Cruise control, which works!
    Basic CD/Radio,not sure of model number.

    310bhp Maxtreme remap 1.5 bar - 400nm
    Eibach springs -30mm
    Milltek cat-back exhaust
    Super pro ball joints 1.8 degs negative camber
    EBC race pads (orange stuff)
    APR panel filter
    Newsouth boost gauge in o/s vent
    Lufi OBD2 dash

    Very good condition for age. But....

    Bad points.

    Slight bubbling on o/s wing
    Small marks on bumper o/s/f
    Small tear on o/s front seat bolster
    Nearside has had new wing and painted, shows up a dark coloured rear 1/4 under street lights
    hi level stop light inop (supplied)
    Has canister purge fault code P0441 which its had since i bought it. Does not effect running.

    Been very reliable in my ownership. Other than a few ABS faults, door lock and boost hose failures.

    Been serviced and tuned at local specialist Maxtreme in Wisbech.

    Cam follower checked ok last service, full service inc fuel air pollen.

    MOT January.

    Pics and more details on my thread on here - click sig link!

    More pics

    Call me 07966689219 , no withheld numbers , I dont answer them.

    No daft offers, no swaps, no messers.
    Genuine VW cam follower O6D 109 309 C
    Location: South Somerset
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Genuine VW cam follower part no. O6D 109 309 C to fit various VW models including mk5 Golf Gti.

    Not a cheap copy but bought from VW

    No longer needed.
    Standard 3 door GTI in shadow blue
    Location: Kent
    Collection Only

    Hi all, Seeing if anyone is interested in my 3 door shadow blue GTI. It is a nice example of a standard car with no rust. I am not in any need to sell however it seems a shame as it has mostly been in storage this year due to other projects so I would let it go to another enthusiast. Details as follows:

    Four Michelin PS4’s fitted on 6th January 2021. Full service carried out on 4th January 2021 including genuine VW cambelt and water pump, oil was replaced with Millers Nanodrive CfS 5w-40 NT+. Both rear brake calipers have been replaced with TRW OEM calipers. PCV and DV have been changed (GFB+ DV fitted). Currently on a private plate and this is not included. Lots of receipts and history with the car and fully stamped service book present. Fitted with full leather including armrest, and RNS510 with Bluetooth phone connection. I have just had the front arch liners out and all wheels off for a clean and seal ready for winter. 99k miles, manual.  £5750. Kent.
    For sale mk5 golf gti 2005 silver manual 3 door
    Location: Abergavenny South Wales
    Collection Only

    For Sale my mk5 vw golf gti 2005 silver manual 3 door with FSH.£4495

    It’s the usual storey of new baby arrival means I need a more practical car. I was hoping to keep the gti forever but due to COVID contract changes, I need to sell to free up some cash as a deposit.

    Vw optional extras:
    Leather heated seats,
    6 disc cd changer but this is disconnected so an old iPhone cable can be connected through the glove box.
    Arm rest and bottle opener cup holders.
    17” monza wheels
    2 keys.

    Modifications done professionally:
    Revo stage 1 map to 250bhp, 280lb ft with graph at 140k miles in March 2019.
    RamAir oversized induction kit
    R32 style Miltek 2.75” non res cat-back exhaust
    Superpro consol bushes
    VWR shocks and springs, & S3 top mounts.

    R32 style lower rear bumper
    R32 style rear lights
    GTI badge inserts on front seat handles
    LED interior lights
    GTI mats
    Mk6 gti light and electric window switches.

    Servicing - I’m the 5th owner and owned since 2014 and previous was a family member:
    FSH from VW until 84k miles by previous owners and then Vw and VW specialist in my ownership up to current 160k miles. It has had an oil service approx every 10k miles or 12months. 19 services in total with stamps in the book plus I have kept all my paperwork from 2014. Before COVID I had a 55 mile commute so was having 10k mile services every 9 months. Services as follows;

    14k 2006 VW
    25k 2007 VW
    35k 2008 VW
    39k 2009 VW
    47k 2009 VW
    60k 2010 VW
    61k 2011 VW
    70k 2012 VW
    84k 2014 VW
    85k 2014 volksworks
    93k 2014 volksworks
    102k 2015 gwent VW
    110k 2016 AAR
    120k 2017 VW
    129k 2017 BW Auto
    138k 2018 VW
    148k Sept 2019 VHub
    156k August 2020 RTec (health check, cam belt, inlet & injector clean)
    156k Oct 2020 VW

    Thousands spent mechanically:
    new suspension at 143k miles in May 2019 as above with all new stretch bolts, new trailing arms/bushes rear and consol bushes front and wheel alignment,
    inlet & injector clean and full engine health check by Rtec in August 2020.
    New cam belt at the same time (which was previously done at 80k and 120k miles so in line with vw recommendation).
    New cam chain, tensioner, vvt cover and sum clean by VHub 2019.

    Other work carried out; Driver window motor, abs module, rear brake disc heat shields, pcv valve, diverted valve, cam follower, brakes, bonnet latch, cam shaft position sensor, several pipes/hoses as and when they became brittle, CV boots, drop links, roll bar links, thermostat, Carbon clean, Central locking on drivers door, new windscreen.

    Bad bits - I’m sharing this info to be honest and because I’m a gti enthusiast and hope that a likeminded person buying will appreciate that knowing these things is better than not which is more likely if buying from trade or non-enthusiast private owner. These points are mainly cosmetic and what I planned to do next if I weren’t selling, and are reflected in the price. I’ve had quotes for as little as £600 to fix the bodywork which isn’t much compared to the thousands spent elsewhere on maintenance. I’m not a mechanic so it’s sold as seen with no guarantees.
    - Bodywork is clean but usual rust appearing on arches, sills and boot lid. Some stone chips on the front bumper and bonnet. Some rust on the underside components like sub frame which is common for many vws.
    - Air con works but the compressor is original so may need replacing in due course. The motors/actuators within the dashboard which move the air to different vents in the cabin make a noise.
    - interior trim has some wear and tear like the gearstick gaitor, but the seats are in very good condition.
    - it had a new battery about 4 years ago but think it needs a new one since I’ve only done approx 1000 miles in 2 years due to COVID so it’s been garaged for that time on a trickle charger.
    - rear near side outer tail light can fog up if is persistent rain.

    Thanks for looking. Pm if interested. The usual disclaimer of no time wasters, test pilots, proof of insurance needed, no agencies or withheld numbers. £4495.

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