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on April 29, 2022, 08:22:20 pm
HI Guys

The forum kitty is running a little low we have enough for another two months.

I have setup another money pool this will run for one month. The donate banner should also take you to the donation page.

Thanks again for your support  :congrats: :congrats: :congrats: :congrats:

Re: Sunset Red 1.4 TSI(TFSI) GT Sport - daily drive & track car
Last Poster: Sbn2k in Members Rides on Today at 05:12:04 am
Hi. I am also from Romania, and currently tracking my 981 on transilvania ring. At this time i am undicided regarding the route for my next project car:
a- Modifying the 981
b- Mk5GTI
c- Mx5
I have laso seen that you have experience with tracking both 981 and MK5. How do they compare, why did you abandoned the 981?
I also left you a message on facebook.

Re: Brembo discs warping?
Last Poster: Lewo in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:28:16 am
Copper grease is made up of copper filings - so not ideal between disc and hub.
ceramic grease or nothing would be better choices.

Mintex link talking about grease...not the nbsp is the word is the word one:

Re: Thermostat questions
Last Poster: breeze in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:15:10 pm
And that's the thing with MK5s.  Yes they break, but when they do, most of it is fairly inexpensive and easy-ish to get at.  Anyone with an S4, S6, RS5 etc.  Engine out job to do literally ANYTHING on it.


Re: GTI DSG cut out at motorway speeds. Urgent help!!!!
Last Poster: slynch23 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 05:13:24 pm
You were pretty much bang on Pudding.. the VW specialists plugged it in and said it had 2 fault codes relating to the HPFP but said they weren’t serious and cleared them. He said it could be a sign it’s on its way out or it could be because I had put normal 95ron petrol in it (usually put momentum in but couldnt get anything above 95 in the mountains of north wales haha). Really ho

Re: Adolf the Golf
Last Poster: Clarky in Members Rides on Yesterday at 01:45:17 pm
So today'#039s little job before I start work...the wheels need a refurb I am fully aware of that, but the centre caps being swapped has drawn my eye away from that temporarily and for a fraction of the cost too! Have also got rid of the locking wheel nuts thanks to the muppet who did my puncture repair destroying the key with his impact wrench...despite my pleas of "quotI'#039ll put the wh

Re: Rack advice part two
Last Poster: imprezzaworks in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 12:10:06 pm
Hopefully the cars sorted when I get back.


Genuine belt,  water pump and cam follower too.  Get it mot'd and advertise if when I get home.  Id not driven it for over a week until this morning as I've been using an octavia diesel.  The golf drives so well and feels like a rocket ship in comparison ha ha.

Re: Very budget track build
Last Poster: Pudding in Members Rides on Yesterday at 09:27:20 am
Damping adjustment is very useful for track work. nbsp Whack it up to the max on track, dial it back again for the journey home nbsp :happy2:

Sounds like the PSS10s are more suitable for your needs. nbsp Maybe sell the PSS9s to help fund them?

ARBs can help but they add to the spring rate also in the corners, which isn'#039t pleasant if they are at max stiffness and one w

Re: It had to happen sooner or later
Last Poster: mjmallia in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:59:56 am
Thanks mate.......the full braided line is on my shopping list, or possible the xmas list to the wife  :grin:

Re: DSG Gearbox's part numbers
Last Poster: amanda in Mk5 General Area on August 16, 2022, 03:51:32 pm
Or other option would be to get yours reconditioned……pleanty of good specialists about like these

Last Poster: CurlyLiz in Mk5 General Area on August 16, 2022, 02:32:47 pm
Hi All, new here.
I have a MK5 GTI DSG from new ( 57 plate). I am finally going to sell her but I'#039m not sure if to spend some money "quotcleaning"quot her up ....needs alloys diamond cutting and the front wings have a few stone chips etc.....or sell her as is. I have had her serviced every time the display tells me to but at a local garage ( after the initial 3 times)

Re: Pirelli Edition - Register
Last Poster: dag4r in Mk5 General Area on August 16, 2022, 10:48:56 am
1. Samb377 - DSG - Black - Essex
2. TomGTI - Manual - Reflex Silver - Norfolk
3. Burbs22 - Manual - Black - 3 Door - Surrey/Sussex (Gatwick)
4. Gixerben - Manual - Black - 3 Door - Norfolk
5. A1SGP-manual-black-3door- southampton
6. GtiPirelli - Manual - Black - 5 Door - Leicestershire
7. Tal001- Manual - Black - Birmingham
8. Pirelli Paul - Manua

Re: Help Needed Please! Blower not working unless on recirculate
Last Poster: imitch1303 in New Member Intro's on August 16, 2022, 05:47:54 am
Hi all. I have recently developed this exact issue. The whole reverse thing makes no sense to me but is is happening. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

LCD display fading
Last Poster: terrier in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on August 15, 2022, 06:56:34 pm
Display has gone invisible on the left. Has been fading slowly for the last few years .Where can I get a replacement lcd unit
 Fix looks straight forward enough :happy2:

Re: AC Issue - Can't quite put my finger on it, unless it is my compressor...
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on August 15, 2022, 02:40:58 pm
I leave mine on full hot all year round  :grin:  It helps shed engine heat when stuck in traffic.  I'd rather get home than be chilled  :grin:

Last Poster: OldGTI in Mk5 General Area on August 15, 2022, 01:33:12 pm
Peanutbutter, Banana and honey on fresh fancy bread.
Orbital is cool. I must be getting old because I was at a festival a few years ago and squinting at my little time card around my neck I decided to see who this "quotBob State"quot mob were all about. I am glad I did at I found it was 808 State and I kicked up some dust in the tent :) nbsp

Can'#039t hug my gti I am mad at h

Re: Rear spring suggestions?
Last Poster: probedb in Mk5 General Area on August 15, 2022, 08:47:20 am
No problem.

Here is a stance shot of mine

Cheers for that, best colour too  :grin:

GTI DSG cut out at motorway speeds. Urgent help!!!!
Last Poster: slynch23 in MK6 General Area on August 14, 2022, 05:28:55 pm
My girlfriend was driving the car today and as we were on a dual carriageway doing about 60 the gearbox started dropping gears and slowing the car down. I put the stick into manual and told her to change up with the paddles but it kept undoing it and dropping it down! Luckily there was a lay by coming up so we pulled in there and the car slowed itself to a complete stop and the eng

Re: Pretty bad PCV…
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on August 14, 2022, 04:51:34 pm
Given the amount of buildup where the tube connects to the PCV from the filter assembly, I imagine there is much more at the lower end of the tube, and inside the primary separator. You can clean the tube when removed, but the separator would need to be removed. And still, after soaking it, you wouldn'#039t know how clean it is inside for it being a sealed unit. I would just replace i

Re: Wipers slowed then stopped, burning electrical smell.
Last Poster: Lewo in Mk5 General Area on August 14, 2022, 01:11:41 pm
Cheers guys. Not had a look yet. Turns out covid has come to pay a visit.... :rolleye:

Re: tcr
Last Poster: titchy in Mk7 General Area on August 14, 2022, 09:12:00 am
Just type tcr live stream castle combe into youtube its still on there round 10 &11


Back to standard lots of Parts
Location: Amersham
Postage: £0.00
Delivery or Collection

Team the time has come to put the golf back to standard thanks to ULEZ. Anyway below is just the tip of the iceberg as to what is available please contact me via this site or if you want a no no noncece reply call/text on 07772480088.

I price my parts fairly and other members on hear and other sites who have bought from me will hopefully agree. SO PLEASE DONT EXPECT ME TO GIVE THESE AWAY.I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE WORTH.

Alot of parts are R32 which have been bought new from the dealers a two minute walk from my house so i know the history behind them . These are all in excellent condition but please remember these are used parts which have been on my daily car,

R32 Leather bucket seats £1700 this is complete interior including door cards
R32 front bumper complete £395.
R32 rear bumper with sensors £285
H&R Suspension £550 cost £1100
Edition 30 steering wheel £285.
Edition 30 gear knob £125
RNS 510 version C £285
R32 Trim door and ash tray £150
R32 phase 2 wheels £550 Excellent Bridgestone tyres
Xenon headlights £350 bought new complete with bulbs ballast and ignitors
there is alot more chrome switches, boot pop kit etc
Also have the black headlining complete


RNS 510 with Bluetooth module, loom, mic and GPS antenna
Location: Faversham, Kent
Postage: £0.00
Delivery Only

Hi all

My complete RNS 510 kit is for sale, purchased when my other unit failed but no longer required, as I now have a Discover Media. This is the LED (Star button) version and has also been upgraded to a 64GB SSD and repartitioned to allow 30GB of media and plenty for maps. It runs a little quicker than the original HDD but is also cooler and more reliable in a cars bumpy environment. Great unmarked screen and good overall condition. £325 is more than fair with all the extras, so no offers.

Latest maps v17 Western Europe maps (8557) and running 5238 firmware.

RNS 510 LED with SSD upgrade and latest maps as described above
Bluetooth module (mounting tabs cut off so it would fit behind the Climate Control panel, so no need to run wires under the passenger seat).
Bluetooth wiring loom + Genuine mic
GPS Antenna

Everything you need to get going, just some coding required with VCDS to enable all the features (plenty of info available online).

Free delivery and payment by Paypal "friends and family". I reserve the right not to sell to newly registered members to help avoid fraud.

PM me if you're interested. Once payment is received it will be marked as SOLD so if it's not then it's still available.


KW ST shocks & springs 20mm drop
Location: Folkestone, Kent.
Postage: £20.00
Delivery or Collection

KW ST shocks & springs 20mm drop for a mk5 VW Golf Gti.
Used for under 6k miles.
Putting car back to standard.
Collection or Postage extra.
Can deliver locally for petrol money.
Highline cluster
Location: Amersham
Postage: £9.99
Delivery or Collection

Genuine Highline cluster removed from a very low mileage r32 prior to being fitted to my gtd. This is in excellent condition no damage to clips, fitting and no scratches. These can be fitted, coded to any gti,tdi,r32.Genuine uk spec clocks please check the pictures for condition and part no. I am happy to post these out for a small fee.
Location: Amersham
Postage: £10.00
Delivery or Collection

I have for sale a set of Inpro mirror covers in a matt chrome finish . They look like the Audi RS range very smart when fitted. These are used items and have a small amount of chrome missing but not noticeable when fitted its right in the corner where the mirror folds.
I dont think these are available from Inpro anymore so quite rare items, all clips intact happy to post them out for a small fee.
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