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Title: 2.0T BWA Power and Torque loss.
Post by: razor1199 on September 10, 2019, 05:58:24 PM
I have a little problem with my car, it's after Stage 1 map.
It had great stock result, it could even loose traction on 3rd gear on dry surface, it has lasted for couple days, after I felt something has gone.

Stock file: great result 204,5 HP, 297Nm

After Stage 1:

After something "broke":

I lost 10HP and 50Nm.
Things I have replaced:
- DV
- Spark plugs
- Cam follower
Nothing changed :(.

I've done some VCDS logs. 4th gear WOT starts from 17.03 time stamp of column B

2nd measure: (more specific about air)

I did also log fuel pressure, trust me, what is requested from ECU that is provided by HFPF (so I don't think it can cause any problem)

Any suggestions?