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Title: Fitting Mk7 Front/Rear Alloy hubs to Mk5
Post by: Stupots on October 18, 2019, 08:25:01 AM
Hi All, I am looking to replace the bearings on all 4 corners on my TDI 4Motion (It's on 192K), and was wondering if anyone knows if the Mk7 (A3 S3 RS3 8V Quattro) hubs+carriers fit the Mk5? Has anyone done this? A search didn't turn up anything apart from Mk5/Mk6/Passat alloy hubs.

I'm looking at something like this (rear)
and this (Front)

Maybe @Pudding (;u=10733) @Christiank (;u=17442) or someone else has an idea?



Title: Re: Fitting Mk7 Front/Rear Alloy hubs to Mk5
Post by: Pudding on October 18, 2019, 01:43:32 PM
I wouldn't use them personally.  The rears look completely different to a MK5, and the fronts although very similar looking, have a different geometry.  The tie rod arm is considerably shorter than a MK5's, so your steering will be crazy responsive.  Too responsive!  You will find the steering will be very twitchy on anything other than a snooker table smooth road.

Personally I would go with Passat alloy fronts and Scirocco alloy rears, but bear in mind the Scirocco hubs will push the wheels 10mm outboard.  I think Passat rear hubs push the wheels out even further than that!

The Passat front hubs do also improve steering responsiveness, but not excessively.  Quite a good little upgrade.
Title: Re: Fitting Mk7 Front/Rear Alloy hubs to Mk5
Post by: Christiank on November 15, 2019, 08:45:12 PM
Mk7 hubs are based from a completely different platform with is the MQB where the Mk5, Mk6, Rocco, jetta, passat etc etc is based on the PQ.

I've personally drive with Passat B6 front hubs, with Passat B6 wishbones and then also Passat B6 rear hubs.

When you look in ETKA same partnumbers is showing for the alloy parts from Cupra, Passat, S3  - the TT is different, can work but then you also would need track rods from TT. which is more work and not much gain.

Passat setup front widens about 6mm each front wheel
Passat setup rear widens about 12mm each rear wheel - I drive 18'' 225/40 on ET48 and rear tyres stick a few mm out from rear wheel fender.

With all that said…..  I've got no clue if the MK7 front or rear hubs will fit the your mk5. Rear calipers are different, but front calipers can be swapped as you like. I've personally drive with 4pot Audi TTS front on 340mm disc with mk6 R 310mm rear.