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Title: CECM woes
Post by: weixb on August 25, 2020, 04:07:34 AM
Hi all, new to the forum and am amazed by the amount of knowledge here!

A question for you all- I recently picked up an 06 GTI and have been having some low beam struggles with flickering and dying.

I'm currently in the process of swapping out ballasts/ignitors, but have recently started wondering about the CECM. The previous owner (who was 85) swapped out the CECM, and I have a hunch he may have put in a midline or lowline unit as the fog lights don't function any more.

I've been having trouble hunting down a highline CECM I could use to replace, however, saw a 3C0 937 049 J unit for sale locally. Would that be an appropriate model for an 06 GTI?

Thanks for your help!