Author Topic: TR Hamza ' high mileage ' GTI gets the R tech treatment.  (Read 1229 times)

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Re: TR Hamza ' high mileage ' GTI gets the R tech treatment.
« Reply #15 on: July 19, 2019, 04:47:19 PM »
Mine has covered 131k, and although only 1 previous owner from new and in immaculate condition I'm looking at the intake/valve clean and injector service. I had a STG2 Revo map done with a scorpion decat pipe, Revo intake and a Maxton R32 style twin-pipe back box. Car runs great, but be good to have the walnut clean etc and also have it dyno'd. Never Know i might even get them to re map as aell :-) Revo is OK, but i guess you cant beat a custom map thats created on a Dyno, and their set up looks puka

The Revo map was created on a dyno  :happy2:

They just don't push for the same kind of numbers R-Tech do in the interests of reliability and lifespan.

It's just boost.  More of it = more power.  There is no black art to mapping.

But look at what happens to BMW 35i turbo engines when pushed.....the turbo thrust bearings can't handle it.  Same thing happens to K03/K04s but so long as the internet gets big numbers, everyone is happy..... at least with the GTI there is only 1 turbo to rebuild/replace  :grin:

Black Edition 30 with manually selected cogs, a beefier clutch, some extra boost and them Whiteline thingies, otherwise standard.