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Ebay projectors!
on September 29, 2019, 11:21:19 AM
Anyone had any experience with them? Just got myself a set!

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Re: Issues with High pressure too low mk5 GTI
Last Poster: momo.mk5GTI in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:43:54 PM

I was changed hpfp with new this is true, i think i was post it somewhere that the hpfp the last letter is different then mine, i dont know if this play something. Last letter change only means

Re: Cam Chain - Sorry
Last Poster: Mekaniko in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:37:46 PM
I changed mine as the sound was very hard, everyone was saying MK5 golf's all have this sound but I changed the chain, tensioner and cam adjuster and what a difference man.

Material without using a genuine kit is about 400€, and 4 hours labour.

What's the milleage on your car? On my was 160K milles. For piece of mind is recomendable but if you need to sell t

Rear speakers in 5 door
Last Poster: Andy in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Today at 10:15:10 AM
While am changing the window switches to the chrome tipped ones am going to change the  speakers already for the front ones but am i right in thinking the backs are 16.5cm also and not bothered about amps etc so who has done it

Re: Brake Fluid
Last Poster: GTI DAZ in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:13:33 AM
i got 3 bottles of RBF600 (500ml bottles)

did just over 1L bleeding and flushing, probs about 1.2L and that was all 4 brakes with new discs and pads

Re: How do I advertise my car on here please.
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:40:33 AM
I can understand how this rule evolved to stop people without any connection using the forum to advertise their cars however maybe it should be changed to being based on say 6 months of membership. Many members of forums are often ‘lurkers’ rather than active posters and there is also the perspective that what they have to sell could be of interest to members. Listings can be for t

Re: MK5 GTI Track Car
Last Poster: LC5F in Members Rides on Yesterday at 08:51:19 PM
Nice gussets!

Re: no aircon easy fix
Last Poster: terrier in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 06:48:50 PM
well after 12 months of no aircon,worrying about cost to repair whwere to start etc,i seen the part on golf in breakers iuse its the high pressure switch/sensor mounted next to radiatorwhile i was removing mine it snapped in half no wonder my aircon stopped.if your aircon has stopped try this 1st m

Resetting PAS yellow light - missing something?
Last Poster: Burgwolfs87 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 04:23:40 PM
Hi, hope someone can help me out before I pull the rest of my hair out trying to fix a power steering fault.

Long story short, the yellow power steering light came on during a normal drive a few weeks ago. The steering itself didn’t change or feel any worse.

Checked the usual things, battery, ground points which all seemed fine.

The ABS and traction

ISSUE - Revs climbing when changing gear (Video Attached)
Last Poster: Mayney in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 04:06:13 PM
Hi all,

New issue has arisen on my car today... the revs seem to climb when inbetween changing gears (Clutch pressed) meaning its very hard to change smoothly unless i wait around 3-5 seconds for the revs to dip again.

The issue seems to worsen (revs climb more) with more throttle input. It tends to become noticeable when going above 2000rpm. I have attached a

My Gti not reving properly
Last Poster: KevArm in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 12:14:11 PM
I’ve recently had my clutch changed and since having that done my golf seems as if it’s hitting a rev limiter at 5k in all gears on and off boost it’s bounces a couple
Of times then drops to 0 then comes back on when you lift off also get a bit of a back fire sometimes, forgot to add the turbo has been refurbed recently as well and getting no eml come on the dash the garage I

Re: How to install DAB in an early Mk5 - Tailgate aerial
Last Poster: bigmig95 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 11:33:13 AM
Glad this is still proving useful even now to a few of you out there.  Makes writing it worthwhile  :happy2:

As far as the captive nut is concerned I believe if you push in and lift the tag from underneath (the one on the right hand side in picture on page 1)  with a small terminal or jewelers screwdriver it should lift out.  Having the screw in there might give you a bi

Re: PCV Valve - which revision?
Last Poster: acko2204 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 10:27:28 AM
I can't keep up with all these revisions.   I fitted a P I think it was, along with the updated corrugated turbo pipe, which has a check valve in it.  I've since fitted an R and all is still fine.

If you fit a P without the check valve turbo pipe, it won't run properly, but R seems to do

Re: Working on Wishbones - undo drive shaft nut?
Last Poster: rich83 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on April 06, 2020, 05:18:57 PM
This is something I have been wondering about too. I need to replace my ball joint. I think I am gonna try and do it without removing the drive shaft nut.... struggle for an hour and then undo it.  :signLOL:

Re: Suspension choices
Last Poster: Damian @ DPM in Mk5 General Area on April 06, 2020, 03:51:15 PM
The H&R Cup kit is always a popular choice and worth considering.

Damian @ DPM Performance
Hi mate , how do you rate the ap suspension spring and shock kit , looking to lower a smaller

Re: Is a rear brake upgrade necessary?
Last Poster: rich83 in Mk5 General Area on April 06, 2020, 01:46:31 PM
Not necessary... but a good idea

Re: Easiest way of connecting phone to RCD300
Last Poster: GTI DAZ in Sat Nav and Car Audio on April 06, 2020, 12:53:33 PM
I use one of these in the cigarette lighter thing in the boot, leaving the front one free to charge stuff.


and then sit my phone in a craddle like this in the CD slot.


Last Poster: ljc19630 in Mk5 General Area on April 06, 2020, 10:24:39 AM
Any decent leather cleaner will work. I used an AutoGlym leather cleaner then applied Renapur Leather Balsam to moisturise and revitalise the leather

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Detailing World Project
Last Poster: brammer in Mk5 General Area on April 05, 2020, 08:31:43 PM
Some guys over on the Detailing World Forum have got a nice thread going on a MK5 GTI project:


Intake problems?
Last Poster: Ryhis in Technical Workshop on April 05, 2020, 01:32:40 PM
Have you guys got P2177 System Too Lean Off Idle Bank 1 after installing intake? I drove about 1000km after installing my RamAir cold air intake kit, and then it lost about 70% of its power and threw that code. After clearing codes car feels almost as powerful as before under 4k. I sent a message to RamAir and they said that they have never seen that their intake would need a remap


TyrolSport Harness Bar - MK5 Golf
Location: Belper, Derbyshire
Postage: £30.00
Delivery or Collection

For sale - TyrolSport harness bar for MK5/MK6 Golf applications.

This is an ideal way of introducing a structural mounting point of the installation of a harness in your vehicle using existing mount points.

I purchased this 2nd hand circa 6 months ago and it was only after that I found that some muppet had managed to cross thread one of the mounting holes. There are three other mounting points to use (which effect the vertical height of the harness), all of which are fine. The scrapped bolt will be replaced either prior to or after dispatch - just waiting for the distancing restrictions to be lifted.

As far as I'm aware, you're unable to get these shipped to the UK

Additional details can be found here:


Collection can be arranged from Belper, Derbyshire at a later date

Delivery to mainland UK only

If you have any questions, give me a shout

Free - Brand new air con condenser and drier unit (MK5)
Single Image
    Location: Bath
    Collection Only

    Bought two weeks ago as I was going to fix my air con on my GTI, but have now sold the car instead and moved on from anything I could use it in.
    Includes the drier unit too. I haven't removed it from the packaging other than to inspect it - still has the air tight seals in place.


    Brand new pattern part, fits various VAG group models and engines:
    Fits Engines:
    1.4 FSI - Engine codes: BKG, BLN, BUD
    1.4 i 16Vi - Engine codes: BCA
    1.4 TSI - Engine codes: BLG, BMY, CAVD, CAXA
    1.6 FSI - Engine codes: BAG, BLF, BLP
    1.6 i 16V - Engine codes: BGU, BSE, BSF, CCRA, CCSA
    2.0 TFSi - Engine codes: AXX, BPY, BWA, BYD, CAWB, CBFA, CCTA
    2.5 FSI - Engine codes: BGQ, BTK, CBTA, CBUA
    3.2 i V6 - Engine codes: BJS, BUB, CBRA

    This is pickup only, but absolutely free.
    Can potentially meet in Cardiff centre by prior arrangement as I work there or possibly on route - M4, M32, A4174 etc
    Mk6 Grey VW Golf GTI 2012 - For Sale
    Location: Bridgnorth
    Collection Only

    Grey Mk6 Volkswagen Golf GTI 2012 - £10500.
    Date of first registration – 16/01/2012.
    One previous owner, I have owned since February 2017. Condition of the car is good as can be seen in the pictures. Car has been well loved by myself and only run on Shell V power fuel. Reason for reluctant sale is upsizing to large estate for family needs, otherwise I would not be selling.
    Mileage – 52836
    Full Service History
    1)      11/01/2013 – 3949 miles
    2)      31/12/2013 – 7924 miles
    3)      03/01/2015 – 16950 miles
    4)      18/01/2017 – 24809 miles
    5)      23/01/2017 – 33093 miles
    6)      09/01/2018 – 39702 miles
    7)      14/01/2019 – 44770 miles
    8)      07/01/2020 – 51226 miles

    Last service completed at Volkswagen with brake fluid change. All four coil packs changed 30/10/2019 with bosch units.
    MOT expires 16/01/2021. No advisories.
    Tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/40/R18 92Y all around. Tread depths as follows - FNS: 5mm FOS: 4mm RNS: 6mm ROS: 6mm
    Full Leather Interior, Manual gearbox, 18 inch Monza alloy wheels, Dual climate control, Phone prep, AUX, MFSW, Heated seats/mirrors, Auto lights and wipers, Factory tinted rear windows, Auto hill hold.
    Genuine In Pro Mk5 chrome replacement wing mirror cases
    Single Image
      Location: Warrington
      Collection Only

      Collection ONLY from WA5 Warrington

      I have had these for over 10 years and have since sold on my Edition 30 , and I never ever fitted them!

      They were bought second hand with a plan to fit them as is , or scotchbrite them + lacquer into fake aluminium
      They are genuine in pro items so german quality which are replacements NOT covers, in original box with original instructions (many fitting guides online too)
      They fit mk5 golf , golf plus , jetta 06 on, passat 04 on, EOS and Sharan 04 -  (its up to you to prove they fit)

      They are in very good condition (not perfect)

      Send me a PM for full postcode.


      Breaking 07 Mk5 GTI 3dr Manual
      Location: Haslemere
      Collection Only

      Breaking 07 Mk5 GTI 3dr Manual
      BWA Engine 101k
      3dr leather
      All parts available
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