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Re: Cv joint
« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2019, 09:21:59 PM »
Think I might’ve knackered mine since going stage 2 ( wheel hop)
Have a knocking/rotational click when monouvering / parking
Does it sound like cv failure or something else?

Just wondered what cv joints people use on here?
Front end, yes? Inner or outer needs yet to be determined. Most likely is the CV but there's a small possibility it is the upper strut bearing. Upper strut bearing will only make noise you can hear when turning the wheels at 0 speed to a "too slow to register a mph" speed. Most folks just replace the complete axle rather than just the one bad CV joint because you may rebuild one end, install the axle and the other end could go at any time or cause the new addition to wear quicker due to slop on the end you left alone if didn't replace both CV's at the time of repair. Are you sure it isn't just a torn boot that has lost all grease where a new CV boot and re-greasing will fix? Test the this, so not 100% it works or helps determining inner or outer;  One way to make sure is to keep your car stationary and lock the steering wheel to the left and then the right. If you hear a clunk when you lock the steering to go left then it's the right side cv joint...and if the clunking is heard when locking the wheel to the right it is the left cv joint. Best of luck.

Just been searching for a possible solution to a knocking noise under my car and came across this old post. So it would appear following the instructions from Ron, it appears I have the clunking noise when turning full lock to the right, now just got to find a competent mechanic
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