Author Topic: Creation motorsport dead set kit  (Read 1950 times)

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Re: Creation motorsport dead set kit
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2019, 10:54:06 PM »
Anyone tried the above?
Looks a steal at £100 for full subframe kit

Also what does the subframe noise sound like and when does it do it?
I gave a knock/click when turning at slow speed
I Fitted about a month ago, creaking has gone. :pomppomp: :pomppomp: Make yourself aware of exactly where the bolts,bushes go before getting underneath.Give everything a light spray or lithium grease when fitting
 Removing the old bolts can be a pain I got my mates impact wrench and a full tin of penetration fluid (overnight soaking)
 I have the powerflex ALK fitted which you will need smaller 12mm washers for. This wont be an issue if you still have oem fitted.
bloody creaking and knocking annoyed me for weeks. Torque wrench is your friend for this one.

Sounds good, can you tell me symptoms of the subframe noise?
Creaking and knocking from the front end. Noticed it most when reversing especially onto a low kerb Also noticed when  doing tight turns,parking etc. 8.50...shows the removal of the bolt that caused me most trouble  Access through the wishbone.
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