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« on: February 28, 2020, 09:32:36 AM »
Hi again,

ok so got my newly acquired mkv GTI home last night and was aware that it was running at reduced power, no EML but it feels like no or minimal turbo. The temp gauge is also ready very at around 55-60 however, the owner did gve me a thermostat with the car so maybe that is the issue.
 Read the codes with VCDS last night and the following came up related to the engine;
P0299 - Boost Pressure regulator (Control range not reached)

P0441- EVAP incorrect flow - intermittent

P0100 - Mass Airflow Supply voltage intermittent

P2539 - Low Pressure Fuel sensor G410 (Open Circuit)

P2294 - Fuel Pressure Regulator N276 Open circuit

 Greigzy who is also in Aberdeen has given me some suggestions where i will start ie MAF wires to check, change carbon canister and or N80 valve, check fuel rail wiring or sensor and the turbo code could be actuator rod issues or possibly turbo damage. Previous owner told me he had updated the DV however will have a visual check this weekend when i'm under it.
 Any help would be much appreciated as its my daily and i would like to get it back to good health and possibly subtly mod for slight power gains. I have VCDS but need some help producing live read outs if that would help anyone diagnose the above problems

many thanks