Author Topic: OV56 MSY - Graphite Blue GTI 5DR DSG - uninsured hit & run - WOODLEY - STOCKPORT  (Read 228 times)

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Hi all,

A fellow Golf owner (R) asking for help locating the lovely owner of this car which decided to U-turn in moving traffic at speed and T-bone my daughter-in-laws Jag with my granddaughter in the back they have been very lucky but he needs locating and stopping.

It looks at one time to have been someones pride and joy in gorgeous Graphite Blue metallic a 5 door MK5 GTI wheels have been refurbished anthracite, it's got wind deflectors on all 4 windows.
Crash was early this morning in Woodley near Stockport car reg is   OV 56 MSY   but the clever chap had applied tape to the number plate making it a 58 (which relates to an insured Audi A4) Golf actually has a valid MOT which has just been done on 1st September he just didn't want to tax and insure it.

Any help identifying the car and driver would be appreciated this crash could have been far far worse and he could have hit anyone of us !

thanks in advance Alan

Further info he had a female passenger and after making sure my relatives were alright ??? they calmly left the scene without leaving any contact info walking off towards Woodley precinct,

obviously the police have took the car which had his DNA on from blood where he had a cut arm and he had banged his knee pretty hard as well, hope it hurts !

Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 30 August 2017

According to MOT database it's done 177k, that is pretty impressive well built these Golf's

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