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Author Topic: Final push for the MK5 GTI  (Read 5938 times)

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Re: Final push for the MK5 GTI
« Reply #45 on: March 26, 2021, 08:45:55 pm »

Fair play dude getting the little man into karting. I take it you’ve showed him “drive to survive” on Netflix?!

I tell you what if I could change one thing as a kid it would be going to go kart meets and races.
So much fun, alot of aggression, skill and concentration needed. Great bonding for yourself and the little man!
A few sneaky bhp upgrades for Jr never hurt no one  :happy2:

The car looks sweet mate. Wouldn’t have put white and gold wheels together but it looks the business!
I drove a late 2019 golf R for a few months mate and I wasn’t very impressed, and that FR doesn’t look like you’ve had it for 8 years so I’d say keep on trucking with what you have!

As far as the hybrid k03 compared to k04, ye I’m aware that there’s less fiddling about to get the k03 hybrid up and running but my main concern is the fuel in Ireland is so poor mate.
It’s billed as 95 Ron but according to a few mappers I’ve talked to they say it’s more like 92/93 Ron.

A bbt430 just popped up for sale there for 1000 pound. Overkill I know but if I’m wanting/thinking of going 4wd, maybe it’s an option?

Don’t plan on ever selling this car FYI so yes it’s a moneypit but it’s not a 40k golf r or latest cupra/ s3/ rs3 money.

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Re: Final push for the MK5 GTI
« Reply #46 on: April 03, 2021, 10:35:59 am »
@Pudding  @Beej  @colesey @AJP  @dan_fr   :drinking:

* At the bottom of this post is the current mod list and the custom map achieved on 95 Ron fuel with supporting mods.

Are we all alive and kicking?
Hopefully we’ll be back kicking the foot down in the motors soon!

Glad to see a lot of the OG’s of the forum are in this little thread.

Maybe we could get a post from everyone showcasing there current car and a list of its spec and what’s next!?

Would be nice to keep the thread going with an update from everyone.

As far as My MK5 goes I took your advice on handling upgrades @pudding and got some coilovers and fully (powerflex) polybushed the front end.
Still no upgraded sway bars and no bushes on the A*se end.
Reason being I’ve been thinking I will eventually turn the car into my version of a 4wd mk5.5 @ajp :wink:
I love the 6r too but I want this mk5 forever.

@beej you were right about the turbo technics k03 hybrid. I’m very interested in that turbo at the moment, but at the time I just didn’t have the money to take that on. But now I need to know what Tt hybrids capabilities are on 95 Ron. In Ireland we have zero petrol stations with anything better then 95ron, so mapping power is significantly lower then the UK.


Turbo technics turbo with *360 degree thrust bearing.
Bcs 3” power valve downpipe with 200cell sports Cat into 3” exhaust
Vis internals
Rs4 return valve
Gfb dv
Typhoon induction kit
Tyres, stopping & suspension
Bridgestone potenza
Mtec front and rear discs
AP coilovers
Polybushed front end (powerflex)
Front : Porsche Brembos (the ones that squeeel)
Brembo pads
Standard Gti calipers with mtec pads

Things to do
Gearbox Service due
Full service due
S3 or toyo intercooler?
Turbo K04 or turbo technics hybrid K03?
4wd conversion?
Tcu/dsg map

The  latest figures I’ve seen of the k03 hybrid on rtechs Facebook page (linked below) is quite impressive.

I have been thinking about the 4wd conversion but on the other hand if I’m eventually going 4wd then I would be better off with a k04 conversion rather then a k03 hybrid conversion.
Am I right in thinking that the k04 is toned down for the bwa engine whilst a k03 hybrid be the opposite, as a sort  of aggressive tune to reach high figures on poor fuel.

What’s peoples thoughts on the latest technology with k03 hybrids and how it matches up with the tried and tested k04 conversion?

Custom Map figures. Thoughts?
Thanks everyone

Shoutout my pal Lendio for helping me get the car done and over the line

Looking good  :smiley:

I'm not sure you would bother going 4WD after getting the FWD platform properly sorted  :happy2:   It's dead weight 90% of the time and extra baggage does affect how the car feels on the road.  I know the R32 has a hefty ship anchor up front, but try one before converting to 4WD.  You will immediately notice reduced agility round corners and an overall heft to the car, like a GTI that's gained 5 stone of middle age spread.

If you do want to go 4WD anyway, I would seriously consider just buying an R32, selling the engine/gearbox and swap all the GTI exterior parts back over (bumpers, grill etc). Drop in an S3 engine/box and it's ready to hook up to the factory fitted haldex etc in the donor R32  :happy2:   You will also get the added bonus of the battery being in the boot, which clears up a ton of space for a decent, well thought out intake, unlike all the current aftermarket TFSI trash out there  :smiley:

K04 is just a larger version of the K03.  Hybrids just mix and match turbine/compressor wheels from other turbos to achieve a middle ground. My personal preference is to make the power from flow rather than boost pressure, so a larger turbo is always easier on the engine and more capable than a puny one over sped.

2007 ED30 | Ohlins Coilovers | Revo Map | Plus some other stuff | Is all a GTI needs :-)

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Re: Final push for the MK5 GTI
« Reply #47 on: April 17, 2021, 10:49:58 pm »
Well @Dan_FR and @Pudding So I picked up the bbt430 I mentioned which came with s3 injectors and a s3 intercooler all in for 1100 euro / 1000 gbp.

As far as the 4wd idea is concerned I’m going to leave it.
My experience driving the 7.5 r mixed With your advice @Pudding has sort of confirmed that the 4wd system just isn’t worth it. “5 stone of middle age spread”   :grin: is a Great way of describing it, the 7.5 R felt so heavy which meant I had no confidence smashing it through corners.

Polybushing the rear end and getting some front and rear sway bars is what I’m going to do.

Thanks as always lads for your advice and help !

I’ll pop up the dyno graph of what she makes with the bbt430, once I get it all buttoned up!