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Author Topic: *** Site Guidelines Please Read First ***  (Read 30749 times)

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*** Site Guidelines Please Read First ***
« on: October 30, 2008, 08:17:58 pm »
Hello and Welcome to the forum, the site for owners and enthusiasts of the MK5 Golf GTI.

This site is here to provide a place for like minded people to both share and expand their knowledge and enjoyment of the MK5 Golf GTI, while having a bit of a laugh on the way!

The site is effectively run by you, its members. The site is completely un-associated with any commercial organisations/companies to allow for an open and honest environment.

The only way organizations or companies may get involved with the site is via offering our members special discounts or group buy opportunities, which is by prior agreement with the site admin's or moderators first. Users registered to this site that are known traders or companies will have an special profile applied that will prevent them from posting in sections that are designed for legitimate members only. Trader status will only be provided to genuine companies and at the discretion of the admin/moderators.

Please remember the site rules you all agreed to up on registration, these are here for everyones benefit.

Here are a few basic reminders: -

  • New members can only send Personal Messages (PM's) once they have reached 10 posts

  • Members can only post a For Sale advert once have reached 25 posts, please also note the posting rule in the For Sale section otherwise your advert will be removed without notice.

  • Members can only reply to For Sale adverts once have reached 25 posts.

  • Like all forums we do have a search utility which can be found at either at the top home page or within each section.

  • Signatures/Avatar's are allowed and can be added to your profile. Signature images should be no bigger than 450 pixels wide x 150 pixels high and not contain any inappropriate material or text which could cause offence to other forum users. Only approved traders or by prior agreement may members advertise via there forum signatures.

  • Posting Style - please no text speak and remember writing in CAPITAL letters is considered as shouting

  • Post of an Abusive, inappropriate, liabless, etc nature or topics started with the sole intention to "pick a fight" will be moderated or removed without notice, persistent misuse of the site will result in the account being deleted. Please remember this is a public shared interest forum and not the school playground, so no keybord warriors thanks.

  • Please respect copyright protected material and other forums by not creating unauthorised or incorrectly referenced links to external documents or sites

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to either post a suggestion in the "Forum Suggestion Box" section or email/PM one of the admin's or moderators.

If you ever wish to make a contribution towards the site please click on the link below

Thanks for registering and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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