Author Topic: K03 to K04 upgrade - Options and thoughts  (Read 555 times)

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Re: K03 to K04 upgrade - Options and thoughts
« Reply #30 on: July 20, 2019, 03:26:23 PM »
Hi Guys would appreciate some advice/confirmation :thinking: :thinking:

OK so have a couple of  CDLunits I am looking at

First is a 2011 8P S3 CDL  with only 38k. Got the reg of the car its been pulled from and the mileage all checks out via MOT checks on .Gov website
Comes complete with everything minus DSG box & Flywheel & engine Loom (has ECU)
I assume I can use my existing DSG & Flywheel? Also, you mentioned that my BWA ECU/Loom will be ok but will need the s/w changing to K04? Will the car still run well enough to get to R-tech and just be on the existing map (Revo STG2) but for a K03??

Second is a 2013 Scirocco R 30k miles. The guy has agreed to split the DSG & Flywheel and sell me the complete unit, ECU/loom and all ancillaries.

The only issue is the mileage cant be verified other than the engine looking extremely clean and worthy of only having dome 30k miles.

Again assuming my DSG & Flywheel will mate to this ok?

If I buy this would the engine ECU/loom be needed or again could I use my existing?

One other thing. If, and it's a big if, I ask him to supply the DSG box/flywheel as well, would I then need the engine loom/ECU from the Scirocco, or will my ECU/Loom work?

I'll be selling my BWA engine so ideally wan to keep as much of that together as I can, but also want to weigh up costs as if it means using my DSG/Flywheel/CU/Loom is more cost-effective then I'll need to seriously consider this