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1st Golf GTI
« on: September 26, 2018, 02:15:33 PM »

I've been on the forum for a few months.  I bought a Golf GTI a couple of months ago as bit of a project/weekend car.  Plan is to do a few track days and see where it goes from there.  Car needed some TLC when i got it, the paintwork is an absolute mess and needs a respray, it drove well but again needed some work to get it into shape.  The good thing is that i live about 10 minutes from AKS and had the car booked in before i even bought it.

As soon as i got the car home i did
- R8 coil packs
- Iridium spark plugs
- Cam follower

then it went over to AKS
1st trip to AKS
- fit ttrs front calipers, 340mm discs
- fit s3/r32 rear calipers and discs
- cambelt service
- dsg service
- revo stage 1
- new diverter valve

Car was 100 times better, much more responsive, pulled through all the gears really well, a complete different car to when i dropped it off.  Alex did say it the old diverter valve was the worst he has ever seen.

As i was leaving AKS, conversation with Alex and Paul starting to go in the wrong direction for my wallet and a 2nd trip was booked in the diary. 

2nd trip t AKS
- peron intercooler
- BCS powervalve prestige full system
- vis internals
- oil change
- inlet clean
- revo stage 2+
- revo dsg stage 2

The journey back home was very quick  :laugh:

The car doesn't get driven much but when it does it doesn't disappoint.  It is a bit of an animal going through the gears and with all the mods is now set up for future mods and anything else that is needed for the road/track. 

Inbetween having all of the above done, i had the windows tinted and the steering wheel refurbished from Royal Steering wheels.  This is the second steering wheel Jack has done for me and its awesome. Top quality materials and slightly thicker than standard. 

Changing the steering came with a few problems, it didn't have paddles before but the new steering wheel does.  However i think i need a new controller to get that working.  Looking for someone either in bedfordshire/milton keynes/luton area or leeds help as i haven't got a clue. 
Also looking to get cruise control fitted so is there anyone that can supply and fit that at the same time and get it all working?

Big thanks to Alex, Paul and Vince at AKS service has been fantastic

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Re: 1st Golf GTI
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A few bits i forgot to mention from my original post. 

PCV valve replaced
Windows tinted
Golf MK7 GTI wheels
Ramair induction kit (Thinking about a REVO, does anyone know if there are any differences in noise or performance?)
New mats
New door pulls/handles and switches
Cruise control (Thanks to Raz from luton for sorting this out in the rain, changing the steering wheel controller, switching on the folding mirrors and coding everything)

Car also had folding mirrors which i didn't know about.  I bought a load of parts to retrofit but didn't need them. 

The car needs a respray so attention is now on gathering parts before it gets dropped off end of next month. 

Does anyone know if the bottom spoiler part of the front bumper is changeable.  Its badly scuffed and didn't want to ignore it as it'll stand out once the car is resprayed. 

Retrimmed steering wheel

Cruise Control

Front brakes & Wheels

Messy engine bay that will get cleaned up before the bodywork gets sorted