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Big Brake Kits
AKS 370MM Brembo Big Brake Kit
AKS 370MM Brembo Big Brake Kit AKS 370MM Brembo Big Brake Kit AKS 370MM Brembo Big Brake Kit AKS 370MM Brembo Big Brake Kit AKS 370MM Brembo Big Brake Kit AKS 370MM Brembo Big Brake Kit

From dedicated 370mm AKS BBK thread and various posters:


- Brembo Gt Senior 4 pot calipers
- Brembo Motorsort 370mm 2 piece fully floating rotors
- Alloy AKS caliper brackets
- HEL braided brake lines with stainless steel fittings.
- Pads - whatever you choose. Pagid blue/yellow is a common choice.

370mm by 32mm brembo Motorsport castings. Cast in Italy different to the stuff in the GT kits.

Originally off the Tarmac kit for a 2005 focus World rally car it's got the thin flange to get the weight down.

Calipers are road GT Calipers straight of a standard Ferrari F50. They're configured to trail on the Ferrari so to convert them to leading for VAG Alex reverses them so the small piston leads first.

Bells are CNC machined then hard anodised and Lasered up with the AKS logo.

Brackets are lightweight aluminium front mounted so the kit fits TTs S3 GTI Octavia out of the box. The brackets are helicoiled for durability.

Calipers are 4 piston with 40/44mm piston sizes. Slightly oversize for the GTI/S3 master cylinder but work well on the road due to rotor size.

There is a master cylinder upgrade available for £300 which I was concerned I might end up needing (concerned due to my budget) but I have found the kit feels really really good in daily road use. I'm not sure what it would take for me to feel the need the MC upgrade.
Dave B advised "Really needs the MC upgrade when tracking the car as the pads will be slow to release and slow to go on the disc increasing wear."

Calipers are spaced out to accommodate the 370mm discs.

How do they perform?
It's easy to say good things about something you've spent considerable money on be it to re-assure yourself (or others) it was really worth it.

However. I am properly over the moon with this kit. It's what Ive aimed for for a long time and gladly it's more than lived upto my expectations so far!
Ive covered a fair few miles on the Derbyshire dales country roads, up and down the M1 and around Cadwell park circuit. One of my favourite 'performance' mods. Really adds to making the car a pleasure to drive.

I know Alex often shows people how the AKS Vrs goes and STOPS! Maybe anyone who's experienced it would back up how great these brakes are.
Also Matt Holman (Bignod00) & Ben Dickinson (Bendy) have these so will hopefully add anything they have found or I might have missed.


I can confirm this brake kit is awesome! Can shed huge amounts of speed very quickly. I have done two track days with these brakes and they have been fantastic. Once they have got some heat in them it is very confidence inspiring around track. Also I have not had any brake fade at all yet. They do get a bit noisy when really hot but still perform well.


" really is great."

They are excellent and stop when you need. Absolute must for any fast road car. In terms of getting hold of a set, they are rare a only a small number was made for a short period of time. AKS tuning aren't at the moment making anymore sets just well worth an ask if you really want some - or watch the For Sale section.

Added by jonnym, on 2014-11-02 17:22:59
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