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Mk5 General Area / Re: What's it worth?
« Last post by absolute on Today at 10:56:00 PM Started by absolute  »
Cheers mate. Updated the post.

Manual, 2 previous

Mk5 General Area / Re: What's it worth?
« Last post by ljc19630 on Today at 10:43:03 PM Started by absolute  »
Manual or DSG? And what year? Also how many owners

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Edition 30 centre caps size??
« Last post by muff1991 on Today at 09:47:48 PM Started by Dave Y  »
i thought I'd let you all know, i ordered the above mentioned caps albeit cheapies or not and they didn't fit.. turns out i don't have Pescara's from the Edition 30 and i have OEM A3 alloys (almost identical to the Pescara's) spoke with a guy from PW Motorsport about BBS caps to fit and basically, although they are genuine wheels, they are OEM made by BBS (i know a lot of you may know that) so i can only get Audi centre caps. BBS centre caps are only available for aftermarket BBS wheels. When i say aftermarket i mean not OEM and genuine BBS.
i have managed to find some plastic universal centre caps on the bay for £6 so I'm going to buy them and then buy the £8.99 70mm BBS Stickers from the bay. (would rather all that than the Audi logo on a Golf GTI)  :happy2:
:happy2:  Do you have the number for the ebay caps
These are the caps I’m looking at mate.

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Members Rides / Re: Matts Mk5 gti Nurburgring /daily /track car
« Last post by M77MWW on Today at 09:43:52 PM Started by M77MWW  »
Thanks for the comments guys....wish this weekend went better tbh as I was on the motorway uphill at about 80mph and an horrific noise from the engine followed by flashing oil light (oil pick up done not too long ago) and engine dead. Tried turning it by hand and she's seized solid so on the hint for another engine for her. I thi k the oil pump failed but wi know more when I drop the sump

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Mk5 General Area / What's it worth?
« Last post by absolute on Today at 09:43:16 PM Started by absolute  »
So, i'm interested in selling my car but don't know what to pitch it at. Sorry if this is annoying, but I genuinely have no idea.

The car is well looked after. Oil, filter, sparks & so forth changed by me every 4-5K.

Full V.W.S.H for the big stuff. Sacked them off after they cracked my engine cover.

- 2008
- 85K
- Manual
- BCS T.B.E Exhaust
- Stage 1 APR, inc. map switcher (optional extra)
- MK7 Golf R front brakes, discs, new pads (4k)
- HEL braided lines
- Recently painted / refurbed wheels anthracite grey
- New Battery
- Recent Cambelt + Waterpump
- Depo headlights
- Boot pop mod
- Highline clocks
- Cruise control
- RNS510
- Bluetooth
- Phone

The Colours / Re: Diamond Black Pearl Thread
« Last post by sprint_48 on Today at 09:26:07 PM Started by Greeners  »
A few of mine diamond black pearl :happy2:


Think I now own your car pal, recognise the private plate, though it’s back on the VGU plate 👍
Random Chat / Re: Image hosting
« Last post by sprint_48 on Today at 08:59:04 PM Started by sprint_48  »
Cheers.  Could someone remind me how to post photos as I’m not familiar with this style of forum.  Have just written a long post with Google Photo links but they don’t display.  I’m using my iPhone on Safari if that helps.

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Members Rides / Re: Back in a GTI: My second Mk5
« Last post by sprint_48 on Today at 08:52:16 PM Started by sprint_48  »
Ah.  Could someone tell me how to post pics on the forum?  I’m a bit rusty :/
Members Rides / Back in a GTI: My second Mk5
« Last post by sprint_48 on Today at 08:50:19 PM Started by sprint_48  »
After about 5 or 6 years I find myself back in a Mk5 Golf GTI. 

In between, and for various reasons, I’ve had an E46 320d, a stage 2 Mk4 1.8T, and a B8 Audi A4 S Line TDI, in that order.  As much as I try to be ‘sensible’ and buy a nice, economic family car, it’s just not me and I end up pining for another GTI.  Having owned a couple of Mk2’s, the Mk4 and my last Mk5, it’s fair to say I do love these cars and can’t stay away. 

The S Line A4 I bought the day after my 40th birthday, and 6 months later it was sold to fund my latest Golf, a 56 plate, 53k, 3dr with satnav, xenons and 18” Monzas.  I really wanted an Edition30, but my budget wouldn’t stretch to a low mileage one, so I opted for a low mileage standard car.  Bought from a hot hatch specialist in Birmingham, I’ve had it 3 weeks now.  At first it seemed like a step down from the Audi in terms of modernity, interior equipment, and most of all road noise!  Not sure if it’s the Dunlops all round or the sound deadening, but it seemed so much more intrusive than the Audi, and louder than I remembered my last one being. After a while though I got used to it, and after one or two B-road blasts I was reminded why these cars are so great and why I just had to have another one...

Although not planning to modify this car, it wasn’t long before I thought about a bit of maintenance with a slight performance bonus added, and changed the air filter for a K&N:

It’s fair to say it was due a new filter

I think it has made a slight improvement in throttle response, and the car seems to run smoother, though it wouldn’t have made enough of a bhp increase to notice.  I’d like to get it on the rollers one day to see how it is, but for now I just want to get it looking smart and well maintained.

As it pretty much hasn’t stopped raining for the whole 3 weeks I’ve owned it, I took the opportunity of some nice weather and a day off, to give it the full cleaning works.  I’m no detailer, but I do the best I can with basic detailing knowledge and some half decent stuff. So, it had a good wash with Meguires Gold Class, followed by a full coat of T-Cut Colour Restore Black, and all plastics were treated with Auto Glym Bumper Care, which does a pretty decent job, but I do have some Gtechniq C4 on order.  The grille and lower honeycomb panel were quite faded and the Auto Glym worked well.  The tyres were given a freshen up, but I can’t remember the name of the product.  Took it out for a few pics this afternoon while it was still in great condition:

So that’s where I am so far.  Future plans include general maintenance - changing cabin filter and oil change, maybe a set of Ed30 Pescaras or another OEM style wheel.  For now I’m just going to enjoy one of the best GTI’s VW ever made..

Random Chat / Re: Image hosting
« Last post by Andy on Today at 07:53:02 PM Started by sprint_48  »
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