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Mk5 General Area / Re: Issues with High pressure too low mk5 GTI
« Last post by rich83 on Today at 07:30:00 PM Started by momo.mk5GTI  »
Remind us... are you getting any error codes?
Mk5 General Area / Re: Issues with High pressure too low mk5 GTI
« Last post by momo.mk5GTI on Today at 05:43:54 PM Started by momo.mk5GTI  »

I was changed hpfp with new this is true, i think i was post it somewhere that the hpfp the last letter is different then mine, i dont know if this play something. Last letter change only means a revision change. These revision or letter changes can simply mean location the pump was manufactured and nothing more.

The fuel filter was changed with NOT OEM but 4.0 bar filter i was market this too. That is incorrect, it should not be a 4 bar regulated should be a 6.6 bar filter. You should definitely correct that.

The fuel pressure regulator was cleaned with WD-40 and placed at the rail. (NOT CHANGED with new one)  You sprayed the regulator on top with WD-40?

This FPRV as you said can not be hold the pressure at the rail this must be true because sometimes when i start the car he turn a litle bit longer then must turn until start.

Oke then i have a question, if the cam lobe is worn why sometimes power back at any gear? And why when i push slowly the gas pedal car runing well? As everyone said if my cam is worn car will not running good at any other gears? When llobe is worn car has no power right? On light throttle, the hpfp only makes 50 bar and full throttle is when it needs to make max rail pressure. Yours may be able to do so for a bit but is likely not able to maintain the rail pressure with its worn tri-lobe.

Sorry abaout picture quality when i upload the quality drop down i dont know why. I still cannot read it...closer might help.

At the group 103 the second window with name 'Fuel Pressure Regulator' values drop down i dont remember whic was the values he drop very very down like 50 or 60 mybe i was alone and drive at the same time cant see everything, then car cut of power when he up the values car goes better. This is because the regulator is unable to maintain requested rail pressure. You need a new intake cam.
You can use electrical cleaner on the regulator on top of the hpfp that you once sprayed with WD-40...but more importantly, you need to address the 4 bar regulated filter you installed and install a 6.6 bar filter. If the problem persists, give it a new intake cam.

Thanks for all the information that you write line per line. I m not spreyed the regulator electric area with WD-40 :D

Spreyed this area. I think this is the first regulator not updated one.

There because i make e photo with my phone. Sorry about 2nd picture.

And today i make a litle test i drive with unpluged MAF sensor car runs well, much beter then with pluged maf sensor. I was test it at 3rd and 4th gear there s no fuel cuts and runs beter and turbo sounds a litle bit much more then with pluged maf. I think maf sensor is died.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Issues with High pressure too low mk5 GTI
« Last post by rich83 on Today at 05:43:29 PM Started by momo.mk5GTI  »
Mk5 General Area / Re: Issues with High pressure too low mk5 GTI
« Last post by momo.mk5GTI on Today at 05:20:01 PM Started by momo.mk5GTI  »
If you are pushing the pedal slowly then it likely that the HPFP is able to meet the requested fuel pressure. If you problems are occurring when driving hard then its because the HPFP cannot meet the requested pressure.

Do a log on the car... in 3rd gear from 1000rpm-6000rpm.


1/ RPM

2/ requested fuel pressure

3/actual fuel pressure

The lobe on the intake cam is worn. A worn lobe will result in the HPFP not being about to meet the requested pressure. It will also mean that your follower will wear very quickly.

Coud you please tell me how to make a log ile which is the values at vcds? Thanks.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Cam Chain - Sorry
« Last post by Mekaniko on Today at 04:37:46 PM Started by Llljonlll  »
I changed mine as the sound was very hard, everyone was saying MK5 golf's all have this sound but I changed the chain, tensioner and cam adjuster and what a difference man.

Material without using a genuine kit is about 400€, and 4 hours labour.

What's the milleage on your car? On my was 160K milles. For piece of mind is recomendable but if you need to sell the vehicle I would suggest go to a VW specialist to know their opinion.
Mk5 General Area / Cam Chain - Sorry
« Last post by Llljonlll on Today at 11:30:39 AM Started by Llljonlll  »
Sorry to raise again but abit confused.  I have always had cam chain noise and thought (and told by a specialist) not to worry to much engine is just noisy.  I have just lived with it. Thinking of selling my car,  are people going to run a mile etc when they hear it.  I Have read this post below.

"Yes, the cam chain and tensioner aren't necessary until you hear a louder slapping inside the rear of the engine. When having to do those, you might as well replace the rings, these;, vacuum pump, and the N205...don't forget to clean the strainer screen at that time when doing the chain and tensioner."

So trying to work out if I do need to get it done or not, advice please.

If I do what will be expected cost to get it done.

Sat Nav and Car Audio / Rear speakers in 5 door
« Last post by Andy on Today at 10:15:10 AM Started by Andy  »
While am changing the window switches to the chrome tipped ones am going to change the  speakers already for the front ones but am i right in thinking the backs are 16.5cm also and not bothered about amps etc so who has done it
Mk5 General Area / Re: Brake Fluid
« Last post by GTI DAZ on Today at 09:13:33 AM Started by Lewo  »
i got 3 bottles of RBF600 (500ml bottles)

did just over 1L bleeding and flushing, probs about 1.2L and that was all 4 brakes with new discs and pads
Mk5 General Area / Re: How do I advertise my car on here please.
« Last post by colesey on Today at 06:40:33 AM Started by Llljonlll  »
I can understand how this rule evolved to stop people without any connection using the forum to advertise their cars however maybe it should be changed to being based on say 6 months of membership. Many members of forums are often ‘lurkers’ rather than active posters and there is also the perspective that what they have to sell could be of interest to members. Listings can be for the benefit of everyone rather than just the seller.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Brake Fluid
« Last post by ROH ECHT on Today at 06:16:27 AM Started by Lewo  »
I had a 1L can of VW DOT 4...and I ran out doing just the fronts. But I do have Porsche 993 4-pot calipers. I was flushing out some ATE Blue fluid and it took quite a bit to flush it as it turned from blue to green and until I was seeing the pale yellow of the new fluid.

Again, mine are a bit larger than stock...I would probably suggest 1.5L for the whole system, but you may end up with a spare 0.5L. Maybe more if using the same color fluid because you may believe you are into the new fluid sooner than what you might see when fluid is a different color.
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