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Wanted / Milltek reducer
« Last post by fazi123 on Yesterday at 11:49:20 PM Started by fazi123  »
Hi guys,

I need a milltek reducer. Anybody got one lying around? It needs to be 3" down to the stock downpipe.

Mk5 General Area / Re: Turboback v catback
« Last post by Danthefourwheeler on Yesterday at 10:04:01 PM Started by Adrian 200bhp  »
Ah cool I was about to go for a custom from Deutsch tech, but ended up going for a cobra system decat non res.

Mine came with a Cobra non-res Cat back - it was ASBO loud - had to get another silencer added.
It's now bearable, no ringing ears, love the DSG farts, but still annoys pedestrians/old people/children/horses/Vegans...
Hmm I'll have to see how I find it, guy at r-tech specifically said it's not crazy loud

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How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: BKD Turbo Removal
« Last post by kevster996 on Yesterday at 08:55:04 PM Started by Kalpesh  »
New recon turbo on now and still get limp mode - same as before... Completely stumped now...
How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: P0033 P0243 P0443
« Last post by kevster996 on Yesterday at 08:54:00 PM Started by f1234  »
What engine, what issue do you get driving it?

P0243 - do you have an N75 valve on there or the solenoid block above the big air intake pipe that has all the vacuum pipes coming out of it? Sounds like you dont have the N75 valve - more like my 2.0 tdi 140 2005....

Have you checked all your vacuum lines?
Mk5 General Area / Re: Rear end wander mk5
« Last post by carsten on Yesterday at 08:03:18 PM Started by Nellyhaggis  »
On the early mk5´s the rear camber was quite aggressive, adjusting mine to minimum helped stabilizing my rear end :wink:
Off course that meant replacing all bushings and bolts as they were all corroded to death...
Thanks - really appreciated.

I'm in a huge dilemma at the moment, as I'm re-building the more for interest that for any intention that it'll be a long term keeper (broken spring forces the issue / I've had it 5 years and with the current situation its not getting much use!!)

I was going to go fairly stock and run B3 springs and B4 shocks. Then I read that the B4 can be a bit 'bouncy' and over gassed.

I was toying with the idea of the Eibach pro spring to get a modest drop (maybe 10mm) but have heard that this with the B4 is again a bit bouncy but the Pro spring works well with the B8.

THEN I got on to the Racingline kit but the general reviews suggest that perhaps the spring lets the kit down so I started considering the .:R spring with the Proline spring...

NOW, I have just gone out and measured my ride height (on the good side at the front with no broken spring and no rotten arch!!) and found that with the soggy old suspension I am, at 637mm, a good 30mm lower than what web searching suggests the stock new ride height should be so I certainly want to be getting a lowered kit of some description as it looks just right as it is. The back is the regularly quoted 670mm (660 one side and 675 the other) floor to arch.

Now my preferred method of measuring heights is hub centre to arch to take out the effect of wheel/tyre combo and tyre wear but I can't find anything using that method.

I'm actually now looking at coilovers to get the height / stance I want - I did  this on my Mk4 V5 and was very please with the JOM units I fitted but I just don't like the idea of passing off a car with coilovers now as they arent exactly serviceable, although cheap in the first instance.

Going back to the original point, I wonder now if a Mk6 B4 with a Pro spring would be about where I want to be for not tooooooo much £££

Raceland Ultimo coilovers / JOM  and FK AK are back on the options list now  :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Members Rides / Re: MK5 GTI Track Car
« Last post by shannon-ob on Yesterday at 03:20:59 PM Started by shannon-ob  »
So last night I decided to get the engine out in order to give it a much needed clean (as you’ll see in pics below)

Disgusting oil everywhere!

Replacement turbo?

So plans are to pull the box off the engine, along with clutch and flywheel. Put the engine on a stand a strip it down, give the block a good clean and paint.

Get some bits powder coated (we have caged laser next door and very friendly with them )

Get the KO4 set up on it.

Order and fit a billet rocker cover - hoping to then put my catch can over where the charcoal canister was.

Whilst I have the box off the engine I’m thinking about having a diff fitted and 4th gear mod done. May as well chuck a SMF and Helix paddle clutch in.

Wanting some slimline fans also.

Probably more plans I’ve missed but will update once I get the engine on the stand and make a start.

Can’t see this being a quick bit of work. Many ££££ needed with those plans

Cheers all

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Car Parts / Re: VW Golf 7 GTI Clubsport Gear Shift Knob 6 Speed Manual 5G1711113FWEJ
« Last post by Awesam on Yesterday at 10:30:09 AM Started by snapey  »

Is this still available?
Performance Modifications / Re: Mk6 suspension on Mk5 (Bilstein part numbers)
« Last post by fakie1977 on Yesterday at 10:28:34 AM Started by WolfsburgEd  »
It’s softer - as the MK6 chassis is stiffer than the MK5 it therefore doesn’t need to be as firm. I can’t remember the exact percentage - I did a bit of research when I was looking into it and the ballpark figure of 20% is what I remember. I’ll see if I can find where I read that

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Performance Modifications / Re: Mk6 suspension on Mk5 (Bilstein part numbers)
« Last post by WolfsburgEd on Yesterday at 10:13:36 AM Started by WolfsburgEd  »
Does anybody know if, as stock the Mk6 shock is though to be more or less firmly damped than the Mk5?
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