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Mk5 General Area / Fuel rail pressure too low. Advice please.
« Last post by kam760 on Today at 05:40:30 PM Started by kam760  »
Hi all,

Picked up an edition 30 off a previous forum member over 6 months ago. Was previously at stage 2, but before he sold to me it was flashed to revo stage 1 back with a standard hpfp at 80k miles. Cam follower was changed 5-6k miles ago. Fuel injectors, seals, fuel filter and decoke done at 60k miles 3 years ago.

Had the EPC light and limp mode come on (the same day the clutch master cylinder was changed...coincidence?) whilst accelerating so i pulled over and didnt drive it anymore. Next day i started it and the EPC light was gone, regardless I booked it into a VW specialist and didn't drive it.

They said codes P0087 (fuel system rail pressure too low) and p2292 (fuell pressure regulator 2 control circuit) flagged up - but they weren't sure of the relevance. They advised to clear the codes and for me to drive it around over the next few days and if it happens again to call them, they'll send off the injectors to be tested in Birmingham. Driven it twice since - short journeys, and just now come on again.

I plan to take a look a the cam follower this week myself, i'm not quite sure what the garage have done but it seems not much. Any advice on what else to check or just in general?

Sounds like they made a mistake... Grab it by both hands mate
Mk5 General Area / Re: RNS510 - Update Help
« Last post by Eighteen88 on Today at 05:14:54 PM Started by Eighteen88  »
Edit  :doh: - should maybe mention it’s just the software & maps I’m looking to update.

None... If its working ok

3xxx is a very old version of radio, most modern firmwares will be wrong & brick it.

Thanks for the reply, so am I right in thinking I can’t or don’t need a software update (unit is working fine) it’s really just a map update I’m wanting and thought it’d be best doing both  :doh:
Well at AKS tuning they do the cambelt and water pump including VAT and labour for £379. That's also genuine parts. I want to go for that but I'm struggling to get booked in because of work commitments and also they are very busy. But it is a good price!
the belt and water pump alone will set you back £450 at a garage, tensioner and chain aswell could easily be £300+ more. where was it? i want to take up that offer sounds like a bargain for a mean dealer too
I'd take em up on that one.. Just my view
Mk5 General Area / Re: K04 Low Down Torque
« Last post by colesey on Today at 03:18:21 PM Started by Toasted  »
Talented though Rtec undoubtedly are, they cannot change the laws of physics. Aside from the bigger turbo pushing the power band a bit further up the rev range, the ed30 has a lower compression ratio at 9.8 than the  k03 cars (AXX 10.5 / BWA 10.3) which will accentuate this characteristic. Using an upgraded hpfp will help the tuner bring on the boost a bit harder early on however the bigger turbo still needs more time to wake up...
Oh that's good to know. I did call Volkswagen and they said they won't do the cam belt and water pump without doing the chain and tensioner and the whole thing would cost £600!
Mk5 General Area / Re: New cam shaft
« Last post by Kee1994 on Today at 03:10:21 PM Started by Dunkdafunk  »
On my old s3 8p I had the cam chain tensioner changed wasnt timed up right , had rough idle revs kept bouncing on tickover.

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Mk5 General Area / Re: K04 Low Down Torque
« Last post by Ripstop on Today at 02:41:32 PM Started by Toasted  »
Short answer is probably yes (<cough><cough> R-Tech) ... (Other good tuners also available)  :wink:
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