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Car Parts / Re: 1K0959126E air-con switch
« Last post by Andy on Today at 11:51:56 AM Started by d0mokun  »
need a post note in the advert with username and date including the forum name
Car Parts / Re: Powerflex Wishbone Bushes
« Last post by Andy on Today at 11:50:40 AM Started by fazi123  »
need a post note in the advert with username and date including the forum name
Car Parts / Re: Mk5 golf GT GTI votex splitter
« Last post by Andy on Today at 11:49:14 AM Started by Melkiy  »
please put a post note in the advert including the date/username/forum name  :happy2:
Mk5 General Area / Re: K04 Low Down Torque
« Last post by Toasted on Today at 06:11:05 AM Started by Toasted  »
@OldGTI Sounds like a good find and now a fun 60 mile commute!
I also got bogged down looking at MK7's thinking they would be that much better than the earlier models, but I was wrong!
I seriously can't remember the last time paying less money for something gave you such a feel good factor. Change in the pocket and a stupid grin, it's win win!!
Shamefully, I haven't yet attacked the common faults yet (PCV, DV, Cam Follower) but will do very soon. Out of curiosity - how did you find the handling after the anti lift kit was fitted? Also didn't know about the dipstick - is that a 'thing'??

968: Got to confess to knowing nothing about these, apart from an advancement of the 944. A very rare car over here which can only increase on its classic status.
911 Speedster - WOW! What a car! I loved the early 911 right through to the 993 but felt the 996, lost it's '911ness'. It all came back though (for me anyway) with the  997 and all good thereafter, with yours being pretty much the cream! F**king unreal that the MK5 GTI is mentioned in the same breath by a Speedster owner - Testament to the GTI indeed.
Going back to the Speedster - what a thing of beauty....I hope it's not a working farm???????????

Members Rides / Re: New car: R32
« Last post by Andy on Yesterday at 11:37:19 PM Started by Andy  »
#Invalid YouTube Link#     My scorpion exhaust cat back
MK6 General Area / Re: Why cant we have nice things!
« Last post by dazzamann on Yesterday at 11:28:24 PM Started by dazzamann  »
The way I see smashed windows is that I would rather come back to a smashed window rather than having someone having keyed it all down the side.

Yeah agreed, still nasty to see. Wouldn’t have annoyed me as much if i wasn’t in my first 24 hours of ownership. Was waiting at work all day to come back just to see it in bits. Will have to invest in an ncp pass :(

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Changing 17s to 18s
« Last post by Lewo on Yesterday at 09:52:22 PM Started by Lewo  »
Good site that  :happy2:
Members Rides / Re: New Edition 30 Owner - Black 5dr
« Last post by G-olf on Yesterday at 08:57:51 PM Started by aerochrome  »
A great looking car  :happy2:

If you don't mind me asking, how do you find the scorpion exhaust? Is it cat back, sports cat or de cat? res or non res?
Does it drone at constant throttle/motorway?

Mk5 General Area / Re: "I can see that your vehicle was imported from Germany"
« Last post by GVK on Yesterday at 08:33:12 PM Started by aerochrome  »
I read somewhere that in 2008 they 'imported' a  few Edition 30s that were sold in car supermarkets.  May have been on Pistonheads?

I believe a previous owner of my car had a similar exchange with VW UK about the plaque , he was given #2314 which I still have in my documents, never fitted it.

My car is quite low spec , no xenons, no highline cluster, no arm rest (thank god, hate those arm rests!!)  likewise says nothing in the service history that it came from Germany either.
Mk5 General Area / MK V GTI Engine Options
« Last post by jimos1 on Yesterday at 08:32:03 PM Started by jimos1  »
Just got news that my Gti MKV DSG has bent Inlet valves. Gutted to say the least.
Its a 2007 and has only 80000km on the clock with FSH. Heard no bang, car just came to a standstill and wouldn't start.
I'd appreciate any feedback regarding my options. I'm in Cork, and I'm not aware of any specialists, there are main dealers but besides cost I've heard a few stories regarding trustworthiness.
I had a similar situation with a Subaru a few years back, found a block on Ebay and had it fitted locally, the car was never right afterwards,
As this is a low mileage car, I'd like to get it right first time and try keep the cost down.
Any help would be appreciated.


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