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Mk5 General Area / Re: Need new car
« Last post by OldGTI on Today at 04:13:22 PM Started by crashdesk  »
Looks great. Easy to install? I have read about battery drain. Just need to find someone local who knows his stuff to install (Belfast)

If you car is older that 2007 you will need to change to a newer can bus that starts with 07 like this one and get it coded:

Lots of info here:

It is a great unit and brings the car right up to 2021 with Waze on the main screen and handsfree texts and WhatsApp.
Wanted / Re: ECU flash back to standard - Kent
« Last post by GVK on Today at 02:13:20 PM Started by Jons1001  »
If it was me I'd just put a standard cat on it and be done with it.

All will happen is if the cat does go bad it won't show up the P0420 fault code.

My opinion.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Steel wheels for winter?
« Last post by akbarirfan on Today at 09:52:36 AM Started by Baz300  »
Ok it looks like 16s do thanks.

If I was to run winter wheels, which were narrower, say 6J versus the 7.5J of the 17 inch Monzas, would i need short bolts?

Thank you.
Members Rides / Re: new owner r32 mk5 dsg 3 door from’france
« Last post by Andy on Today at 09:18:29 AM Started by jida4646  »
Welcome to the forum
Get some pictures up
Performance Modifications / Re: spring rates
« Last post by ROH ECHT on Today at 07:18:31 AM Started by the bruce  »
I just mounted my third set of springs...Whiteline WSK-VWN002.
Rates are 31 N/mm-front & 40 N/mm-rear. Front springs are linear and progressive in back. Drop is less than I have had before with two previous sets. The FTG is 25-1/4 inch (having just been installed with Bilstein B8).
Mk5 General Area / Re: Eibach pro kit vs sportline kit help!!!
« Last post by ROH ECHT on Today at 06:57:18 AM Started by Duffmeister  »
After speaking with Whiteline for about an hour, over a week ago, I changed my mind and mounted Whiteline WSK-VWN002 springs. The front springs are linear and their rate is 179 lb/inch...the rear springs are progressive and their rate is 230 lb/inch. With their lighter front rate...I also softened the rear ARB.

After getting the rear springs installed, I went to do the front left...and I forgot to place the jack under the brake disc when I used the spindle spreader. Then it dropped and pulled out the axle spline from the wheel hub. So this morning I had to tend with that because it wouldn't move in 'D' or 'R' yesterday evening. But, I got the axle back together and went for a gentle drive....20 miles or so.

Immediately I notice the comfort and front steering response. The front springs being lower rate than the rear, and softening the rear ARB, seem to have done something positive with the understeer. My last set were too firm a rate up front. And with the rear ARB set to firm and the front ARB set to still would slightly push when pushed a bit hard through the corners. I still need to push it harder, a number of times, to finally determine if the tracking is balanced. I will need to re-examine tracking once I mount the next set of tires, because I plan to go 235/40-18 for the next set. I couldn't run that size before with the drop (24" FTG) I had and these wheels. It is now at 25-1/4' FTG...which may or may not settle and drop a bit more. I have already been told it doesn't look cool anymore...but I couldn't care less. So far it is an improvement.

As always...thanks Pudding, for your input.

Mk5 General Area / Re: B6 arms for GTI
« Last post by colesey on Today at 06:36:16 AM Started by GTI DAZ  »
Gavin of vagbolts on ebay is helpful.
Wanted / Re: ECU flash back to standard - Kent
« Last post by colesey on Today at 06:35:27 AM Started by Jons1001  »
whose map is it?
If it's revo then disconnect the battery and on reconnecting the settings will go back to stock even though the map is still there.

It was done by a company called EST in Sussex, paid for by the previous owner in November @ £400. They want £250 plus vat to put the car back to standard. Or £150 plus vat to tweak the map of changing from a decat downpipe to sports cat. Thoughts?

Sounds greedy for maybe just 30mins of their time.
Random Chat / Re: Tool boxes / storage advice
« Last post by HannahClark on Yesterday at 10:35:16 PM Started by barelyrelevant  »
In my garage, all the tools are stored on shelves, where I can easily find them. In the car, they are located next to the spare wheel, there are not many of them, so I do not use boxes to store them. I can't say the same about my father. He is used to storing absolutely everything in special bags, which are sorted into all possible categories. He spent a really long time trying to choose high-quality bags for insturments. They are quite roomy and contain everything that he needs. In his golf (he has a station wagon) there is also a bag with insturments. There are so many of them that he can literally fix his car right on the highway (of course, if there is not a serious breakdown, for which spare parts will be needed).
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