Author Topic: Key fob, hatch unlock, fuel door unlock, sun roof, & boost gauge not working.  (Read 177 times)

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Earlier today, I was finishing installing some new LED interior lights & I blew a fuse which made all of the interior lights except the footwell lights go out. I quickly opened up my fuse box & replaced the fuse & the lights turned back on. I fined up the install then when i closed my door, I hit the lock button on my fob out of habit but nothing happened. I tried again, & still nothing. I have tested every fuse & nothing else is blown. Throughout the day, I have found that the following functions do not work: Lock & unlock on the key fob, trunk release from the fob & from the drivers door, the fuel door release on the drivers door, the sun roof, & my boost gauge. However, my interior lights & power windows function correctly. Any guidance would be much appreciated!