Author Topic: I Wasn't Going To Get Another Black Car But...  (Read 314 times)

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I Wasn't Going To Get Another Black Car But...
« on: November 12, 2018, 09:35:03 PM »
Evening all.
Thought I'd start to put together a build thread for my Golf. Bit of a back story first... We've owned the car for nearly 2 years now (which is pretty good going for us as we normally get bored/circumstances change/cars break well before the 2 year mark!) being bought at first just to be a slightly bigger daily driver for the wife. Our main vehicle is our T5 camper van below which we've kind of gone to town with and continue to do so and so it was inevitable given what an awesome car the Golf is that it was eventually going to get the same treatment...

So nearly 2 years in and whats happened? Not a lot! Routine servicing etc, a Kenwood DNX 520VBT and some mechanical bits that needed sorting such as the frayed boot loom wires. Just been enjoying it really.

In the last few weeks though I've started to sort the dreaded arch rot by getting a pair of the eBay pattern parts already sprayed to match which I'm dead pleased with. Fit is almost perfect (and I've got proper OCD) and colour perfect. One fitted and the other to do this weekend.

Going forward, the plan is to make it as near perfect as possible for a sensible daily. So the plan is:
- respray to get the bodywork perfect again
- ED30 splitter
- maybe OEM xenons or Depos
- replace all the interior trim like DSG surround and door grabs that are tired
- Eibach springs waiting to go on but I might just go straight in with coilovers
- exhaust
- speaker upgrades
- either refurb the Monzas or get some BBS CH/VZ/Pescaras

Inevitably it'll end up with massive power and air ride though  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

So heres the fun bus...
LDT/THQ BBQ by DaveyBoyWonder, on Flickr

And heres the car. Weird spec - DSG, cream heated leather, sunroof, full convenience pack (mirror courtesy lights) but no parking sensors etc.
By the seaside by DaveyBoyWonder, on Flickr

And replacing the wings - not a bad job. I work in IT so getting stuck into mechanical stuff is something I relish vs messing with computers which is a hateful existance but pays the bills!
New wings going on by DaveyBoyWonder, on Flickr