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DSG Problem
« on: January 09, 2019, 10:36:47 AM »
Hi guys, first post, please help.
I seem to have the flash of death or whatever its called and being thrown into neutral. Has happened 3 times over the past few months but twice in the past 10 days. After doing my research is doesnt seem to be a problem that'll disappear. Can anyone tell me if this is something i can let progress a bit to see if it gets worse as i can cope with it happening once a month or so. I have spend thousands on it in the past year i really cant be doing with spending another grand(going by what ive read).
Does anyone have any advice or can anyone recommend anywhere i could send the Mechatronics Control Module to be repaired?
Would i be wasting my time doing an oil and filter change on it? I last done it at 112k and it has now done 127k so shouldnt really think i would need doing.

Thanks in advance and any help is hugely appreciated