Author Topic: ANY MK5 GTI EXPERTS - AC LEAK - HELP PLEASE!  (Read 157 times)

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« on: February 05, 2019, 01:50:05 PM »
Hey there,

Been having a strange issue with my aircon for a while however it's very intermittent.

I had my compressor fixed a few months ago with a non-gen compressor and had the system re-gassed.

However shortly when it was first done I was stood still in a carpark with the engine running and I believe the econ button was activated.

I heard a loud screeching noise and a cloud of A/C gas escaped.

The RAC put it down to dirt being in the system and it trying to escape or it being overfilled.

Later that evening I took the car on a drive to see if anything else went wrong. I went to another car park and started the car with it running for a moment (econ button presseed on) the same screech and leak happened again but this time the car died and didn't start for a short while after.

I took it back to the garage and had the gas removed and replaced.

Shortly after this it happened again momentarily.

I asked why this would keep happening to the garage but no-one had an answer as to why it does this.

Since this I decided to drive without the econ button on and have had no problems.

However the other night I was parked up for a while with the econ button (maybe 20 mins) off and I could slightly smell A/c gas and the car died momentarily but was fine after.

Another thing that seems to happen when the car is stood is a weird noise coming from behind the dash sounds like a refrigerator working noise but its' quite loud the longer the car sits still with the engine running?

It's never done it whilst driving, it's like pressure builds up when the car is sat still and worsens when the econ button is pressed in.

I can't see how the A/c system can cause the car to cut out also!

Any help or advice would be massively appreciated.