Author Topic: Anyone near Sutton in Ashfield who can give me a hand changing turbo on my tdi??  (Read 130 times)

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As titled, I’m Located in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire and looking for someone willing to help me sort my car out. My turbo is sticking loads recently and putting me in limp mode. I have read this can be cleaned up with mr muscle oven cleaner- many ppl on the Audi forum having great results! I just don’t how to access the hot side of the turbo so I can disconnect EGR and gained entry to it. I have bought a 2nd hand turbo off tdi with only 70k too but not sure if that will be a lot more work.
If someone who has more know how and confident then mE, of course I’m willing to give someone beer money for the trouble!!  :happy2:

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Before you do that, take the air box and battery out, access the actuator rod and see if it moves freely...most likely not. Move it, use a pry bar to help if needed, spray some WD40 on the rod and push it in and let it return repeatedly this should free it up.

After that, take it for a good drive, wide on throttle, give it a thrashing, it'll get the turbo up to temp and hopefully remove some crud. I done this yesterday and mine hasn't gone into limp and the boost is way more stable.

Also if you do the above, youre half way there to doing a Mr Muscle clean, the remaining steps is to remove the EGR pipe and running Mr Muscle through it. It's not that hard, I didn't have to resort to a Mr Muscle clean just yet as I found my actuator rod was getting stuck when it went in fully, but since the WD40 and pushing it in repeatedly it's freed up.

If this is just a carbon issue, even paying someone a few beer tokens to whip that pipe off for you will be way cheaper than replacing the turbo. Unless your turbo is making demonic noises, or your exhaust is heavily smoking it would be better to try a clean first. Also if you don't get into the habit of this, there's nothing to say the replacement turbo won't end up clogged.

Some good for thought there.

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If youve got a spare turbo I would check that over and clean it up then swap that in. More thorough job than mr muscle? Its not too bad to do, just that access is a bit tight. I recently did mine just after doing an egr and cooler delete which makes the job much easier.

I would consider doing that too at the same time as its cheap (cost me about £60) and the cooler cant fail later on.

Get yourself a gasket set for about £12 that has the exhaust gasket, oil pipe gaskets and turbo/dpf gasket. Plenty of videos on youtube and some good guides :)
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