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Mk5 General Area / Re: Seat repairs
« Last post by pudding on Yesterday at 08:25:28 pm »
Where are you based? Most pro upholsterers can match factory cloth/leather.

You can still get the seat covers and foam bolsters etc from VW, but the cost is insane.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Full FIS Menu accessibility
« Last post by Simeonv on Yesterday at 02:46:23 pm »
I found how, it turned out that I need a 30 byte CECM so I fitted the following one : 3C0 937 049 AJ .
But to enable this function it requires a Security access. Found  the code for the 09 Centr. Electric channel which should be 31347 , but to no avail. Once entered VCDS returns invalid key.

Is the code wrong for this module, or I'm missing something.
New Member Intro's / Re: Newbie
« Last post by smithloo on Yesterday at 09:54:00 am »
I'm Smithloo
just say hello :driver:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Boot not opening
« Last post by mjmallia on Yesterday at 07:58:12 am »
I just spliced in some wire to extend each broken wire, as there is not a lot of slack from factory and the primary cause.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Rear wiper arm part number
« Last post by probedb on May 23, 2024, 09:08:03 pm »
Cheers all, I'll try and source one!
Mk5 General Area / Re: Boot not opening
« Last post by pandaman on May 23, 2024, 07:09:31 pm »
It will be broken wires on the left boot hinge

That would also explain why the reversing camera likes to open when the boot is open! Repairing it seems a tad fiddly and the likelihood of more cables breaking means I should just replace the loom. £160 on eBay though for genuine, I'll ask the parts guy at the dealership but I doubt it will be much better.
Mk5 General Area / Seat repairs
« Last post by maxamplitude10 on May 23, 2024, 04:39:34 pm »
Hi looking for an upholster to repair drivers seat anyone had any positive results I know grey colours a nightmare to match?
Mk5 General Area / Re: Tailgate won't lock - actuator issue?
« Last post by OldGTI on May 23, 2024, 01:48:17 pm »
I did mine last year. It was high level brake light that failed on mine. Not to bad to diy just replace one wire at a time.

Wow! Is it possible to replace the entire loom?

Feels like I got off lightly with just the actuator :smiley:

Yes you just have to strip the boot-lid and the nearside pillar to get to the connections. I did mine after my auto electrician showed the the broken wires and cracked insulation.

Mk5 General Area / Re: Tailgate won't lock - actuator issue?
« Last post by mjmallia on May 23, 2024, 09:20:42 am »
It happens to all Mk5's at some stage in its life unfortunately......due to the lack of slack in the loom.

It is a pain if you have more than one wire broken as they are white mainly,
Cosmetic/Interior Modifications / Re: Battery drain question
« Last post by ZoliWorks on May 22, 2024, 09:54:11 pm »
I've had a Pioneer A3300DAB in my previous car (2009 Jetta). My unit switched off completely when I've removed the key from ignition and there was no way to use it without either having the car running or the key in ignition. I think this will be the same way.

Cheap aftermarket units can cause battery drain but even those come with a plug you can pull that makes it shut off completely the way I described above.

These units seem to work off of a "remote" wire that basically tells the unit whether it should be powered on or not. Back when I had my Chinese Android RNS 510 copy, rather than pulling the plug or having the navi on all the time, I installed a power switch onto that wire and routed it to one of the fake buttons next to the ash tray which I used to switch it on/off at will, even with the car off.
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