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Website cert expired
on May 14, 2021, 08:19:50 am
Hi @Andy @dazza you probably already know but if not, the website certificate expired yesterday.


Re: Odd steering/crap handling
Last Poster: swansem in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:41:17 pm
No, I’ve owned this car for 7 years, this started happening about a year and a half ago, right around the time I swapped wheels/tyres, front sway bar endlinks, upper strut mounts and coil overs(did all this at the same time), it was never like this before that.

I’ve checked all suspension components, everything looks and feels rock solid, there’s no play anywhere, don’t

Re: Passenger door not locking on remote
Last Poster: LC5F in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:49:49 am
Thanks - will give the contact cleaner a go -
My drivers door sometimes doesn't unlock - No issues with the wires in the rubber boot, so felt new lock was the way forward.

Re: Creaking from rear when parked on a hill with handbrake
Last Poster: breeze in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:25:36 am
I have what sounds like the same issue. In my case it is because the car is actually moving slowly backwards when on an incline. Even if leave in gear, it will do it a little before settling.

I found that the handbrake on one side wasn’t working, meaning that the other side was doing all the work.

Easy way to check is to jack up the car and have both wheels in

Re: New brakes
Last Poster: Eighteen88 in MK6 General Area on Yesterday at 10:51:20 pm
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my request for help.
However I’d already ordered my new set up from awesome GTi.

Went for a Tarox Discs (F2000) & Pads.

Re: Blue/Grey smoke from exhaust, even when warmed up
Last Poster: LC5F in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:49:36 pm
To me the rattle at the start does not sound unusual - just sounds like normal TFSI engine.

Smoke at the back of the engine - likely to be burning off the remains of the penetrating oil - for some reason mine took a day or 2 to stop smoking.

Re: Armrest CD Changer removal?
Last Poster: breeze in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:17:13 pm
Some times the prongs get stuck on the cd player when you put the tools in..try removing it and swap with the other side

Thanks for the suggestion.

Got it out eventually but it wasn’t pretty. Had to pull the face off! All done now.

Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:55:55 am
Aye.  The only thing I found of interest was a set of H&R springs from Demon Tweeks for £150, so grabbed a set.  Just need to try and find some B6/B8s to go with them for a good price now.

Re: Rear Door Types?
Last Poster: Sebas_theFish in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 01:58:58 am
Yes they will fit.

Sent from my Samsung Smart Fridge

Re: vag com engine block 94 cam adjuster
Last Poster: acer81 in Mk5 General Area on November 26, 2021, 07:28:53 pm
What should I do ? What could be wrong.
New Smart Wheel
New chain
New tensioner
the strap is also new
 the engine has a chain sound

Re: Gen 3 Steering Rack (MK6/Scirocco) into MK5
Last Poster: LC5F in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on November 26, 2021, 06:39:00 pm
You can buy a licence for a month - there are listings on ebay &amp Aliexpress - a lot cheaper on the latter

VW were on the ball enough to start building stuff in china, faster than most other manufacturers, they have their own domestic versions - this means pretty much everything since the Mk4 is catered for.

I would suspect that if it has to handshake to the

Re: Wheel spacers
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on November 26, 2021, 11:20:36 am
Only you can answer those questions after you've driven it on your local roads mate  :happy2:

I would perhaps choose 10mm front, 10mm rear if your roads are bumpy.

You can also achieve the same track widening by using Scirocco rear hubs (+15mm) and Passat front hubs (+10mm I believe, but can't find confirmation). It's a neater, oem solution  :happy2:

Re: Number plate holder
Last Poster: LC5F in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on November 25, 2021, 07:28:30 pm
The OEM holder? - thats got push pins that expand in the holes.
Or you could stick the plate to the bumper without holder...needs a lot of sticky pads and bending - but looks better than with holder.

Axx engine slight knocking noise when warm consistent with revs
Last Poster: willy mildren in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on November 25, 2021, 06:57:35 pm
Can anyone help I have a 2006 gti slight knocking noise coming from engine when warm consistent with revs seem to only hear it from inside the car with windows up it’s not very loud just more annoying than anything does anyone know what this could be ive replaced cam follower noise still there will try upload a video any help much appreciated cheers

Re: Boot pop kit
Last Poster: mjmallia in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on November 25, 2021, 08:58:29 am
The retro boot kit works a lot better in the summer months and hardly ever in the colder ones.......but I may need to get some fresh boot dampers saying that.

Re: Locked Bonnet ...?
Last Poster: 8lytton in Mk5 General Area on November 25, 2021, 06:47:34 am
Thanks Guys,

Managed to get bonnet open and it was the lock was gummed up and corroded.... ordered a new one for peace of mind.

A fairly easy fix this time  :grin:

Re: My TR 2006 GTI
Last Poster: Acekid in Members Rides on November 24, 2021, 07:13:02 pm
Very tidy one! Nice to see a OEM one too nbsp :congrats:

Any plans?

Nothing major, once it has coped with winter and proved reliable then I may treat her to an exhaust, induction system and a stage1 map. A few areas of bodywork could benefit from some paint, but I w

Re: V Power - crazy prices, and rising
Last Poster: FatWelshBoy in Mk5 General Area on November 24, 2021, 03:58:27 pm
£1.54 for Momentum when I looked yesterday. Thankfully I do so few miles it doesn't really matter, a full tank will last over 2 months. I live on a terraced street with no off road parking but me and the Mrs have discussed selling our cars and getting a fully electric car to share, need to see how we'd go about charging it before deciding.

Re: Golf MK8
Last Poster: Pudding in Random Chat on November 24, 2021, 03:46:19 pm
It's far from awesome in it's appearance, and how do you know a car released less than 12 months ago is reliable?

I saw one at night for the first time last week.  "What the f'ck is that weird Tron looking thing coming towards me?" I thought, oh, of's an ugly attention seeking MK8 Golf  :sick:  Why oh why have full width DRLs? It looks terrible!

Re: Deano Candy white GTI
Last Poster: Mekaniko in Members Rides on November 24, 2021, 11:32:19 am
oh... Nice project you had on the Mk5. Hope it goes into good hands

All the best on your new projects!


Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £10.00
Delivery Only


Manual Gearbox Shifter Linkage Bushings for MK5 GTI
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £2.00
Delivery or Collection

Brand new, never fitted, Topran branded (OEM equivalent) shifter bushings to suit a 6 speed manual gearbox/MKV GTI. Bought originally for my car which is an 05 plate, unsure which other model years they will fit.
OEM/Suplex standard height MKV GTI Springs
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £10.00
Delivery Only

Set of four springs at standard ride height for a MKV GTI, OEM fronts (probably Sachs) and Suplex (OEM replacement) rears. The fronts are missing some paint but aren't damaged and could easily be cleaned up/painted for some more life. The rears are much newer and have a bit of surface rust around the spring seats.
"PCD" 2x12mm Wheel Spacers
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £5.00
Delivery or Collection

As per title. 57.1mm centre bore, 5x112mm PCD. Note that these won't fit the rear axle as the spigot is too long but should be fine for the front. There's a groove (pictured) on one of the spacers from where I tried fitting it before realising this but it won't affect performance. Mating surfaces still clean and true. Includes longer wheel bolts.
H&R 10mm Wheel Spacers
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £5.00
Delivery or Collection

2x H&R Wheel Spacers, 10mm width. Brand new, never fitted, includes longer wheel bolts. Note that the box says 20mm although this refers to the total track width increase.
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