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Technical Workshop / HPFP rear internals pictures
« Last post by Shottyman on Today at 06:01:10 pm »
I've just brought an 06 plate GTI (200hp) and after doing a bit of research decided that along with a service, I would change the PCV and the HPFP cam follower.

I knew where it was, I'd had a quick look at the posts about how to change the follower so I cracked on, big mistake, now I've messed up the banjo bolt but that's no biggie I can just get a new one for a couple of quid, easy fix. Unfortunately I took the wrong bolts out of the HPFP at first, I took the 2 smaller Torx Star bits out then realising I needed to take the larger Torx ones out removed them too, tilted the pump up and all the internals from the sensor end fell out  :ashamed: . A spring type washer, a diaphragm style item, and a couple of other washers.

Has anyone got an old pump they can kind of take to bits and show me the orientation of these components, I really don't want to have to buy a new pump. I mean I think I've put it back together correctly, it runs and its not giving me any faults but there's a ticking noise from the HPFP area and I cant remember if it was there beforehand or not  :sad1:

feel free to call me a muppet  :stupid:
Mk5 General Area / Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
« Last post by Stupots on Today at 05:44:51 pm »
Replaced the fuel filter and housing… long overdue!

How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: Rear drop link stuck!
« Last post by LC5F on Today at 05:04:45 pm »
Once a spline starts to round it is a one way trip from there, the trick is at the start make sure the spline is cleaned out and your bit is fully inserted.
Sometimes you can hammer in a torx bit... but in this case if you did that it will expand the threaded part and grip the nut you want to take off.
There is nothing to save here, the nut is really corroded & the spline goosed - just go straight to the grinder and cut the nut off.

How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: Rear drop link stuck!
« Last post by owheel on Today at 01:09:53 pm »
I have had a bit of luck with freeze spray penetrant. It cools the metal to shrink it which supposedly allows the penetrant to get into the gap a bit better.

Edit: heres the link

I used it loosen rear caliper bolts that were being stubborn

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That would be great! Whereabouts is the pipe he mentioned?

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How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: Rear drop link stuck!
« Last post by terrier on Yesterday at 11:19:59 pm »
penetrating fluid.heat  then angle grinder  :happy2:
Not really hearing much of a change except idle dropping from 1000 to 760 rpm when it warms up - its always there.

It does not sound like its coming from the chain - sounds more like its coming from the other end at the crank pulley.

Something rotating is not right, hopefully external to the engine that is easy to replace like a bearing in the alternator or drive belt tensioner.

I think you might be right. It does sound more pronounced when I move to the other side of the engine.

Like you said, hopefully external, haha.
How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Rear drop link stuck!
« Last post by Clarkj93 on Yesterday at 07:54:32 pm »
Any tips for getting the rear drop link off? I've got the passenger side of, but the driver side will not budge and the spline bolt end is starting to round...

I've done the typical spline bit held in place with grips etc. But think it's on much tighter than the Passenger side so when giving the nut enough orce to move the bit pops out or just ends up starting to round the bolt!

It's the upper bolt that sits behind the brake caliper where there is little room to work:

Anyone cut these off before? Or some other method?
Mk7 General Area / Re: tcr
« Last post by titchy on Yesterday at 06:50:38 pm »
managed to get one pic posted in photography sectiion
Photography Section / Re: tcr
« Last post by titchy on Yesterday at 06:47:14 pm »
Thanks I have reported to Flickr awaiting reply
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