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Website cert expired
on May 14, 2021, 08:19:50 am
Hi @Andy @dazza you probably already know but if not, the website certificate expired yesterday.


Last Poster: DBXdarkangel in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:56:51 pm
P0100 - Mass Airflow Supply voltage intermittent

P2539 - Low Pressure Fuel sensor G410 (Open Circuit)

p0171 could be a vacum hose leak around the brake vacuum pump area.

Re: Recaro Wingback Seats
Last Poster: ljc19630 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:12:49 pm
I’m considering wingbacks. Have seen that Vauxhall Corsa VXR seats fit in to a Mk5??? Dam sight cheaper and I know a very good and cheap trimmer that can add tartan too

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Re: 19-20 PSI oil pressure on hot idle - too low?
Last Poster: OllieVRS in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:07:03 pm
Thanks for the reply LC5F. I'#039m going to send Liqui Moly an email and also do some further research on whether or not an oil flush and filter change is necessary.

As for the oil, I have a spare 1 litre bottle of cheap Millers'#039 5W-40 that I'#039ll use if it'#039s is too low.

Now, I wanted to add another topic to this post about the oil pump balance shaft timing:

Re: LC5F's Graphite Blue GTI - MOT'd to the Max!
Last Poster: LC5F in Members Rides on Yesterday at 07:51:37 pm

Cheers - Nice colour - always had a soft spot for MO'#039s too.

Actually - forgot, I have a mate up here in Scotland doing a big turbo 12v in a 4-motion Mk4 shell - he'#039s

The correct way to store a GTI
Last Poster: vwmike1991 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 06:50:43 pm
Hello folks, having fell on a stroke of luck (some would say a curse) I'#039ve managed to acquire a cheap fiesta st to take up the gti'#039s role of weekend/track day toy.

However I'#039ve grown rather fond of the golf and cant bring myself to part ways with it or at least yet and with the tax being due up soon I need to put it away in the garage into storage as running 3 is pret

GTI Track Car - Manual, Wavetrack Diff, Caged, Polycarbs, KO4, DB9 Brakes, METH
Last Poster: shannon-ob in Members Rides on Yesterday at 05:25:01 pm
Well, it’s mapped. Complete different animal!

Very healthy numbers I think personally.

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Oil Consumption
Last Poster: rubdub in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 04:46:55 pm
I know this topic has been covered 1000'#039s of times on the forum.. but going through old posts I notice there are some which say 1ltr per 1000kms is the VW tolerance, but the other 50% say 1ltr per 1000 miles. That'#039s 400kms in the difference 😮#128558

Wondering what the general consensus is on what'#039s normal usage

Also, when do ppl using check their oil.. from cold?

Re: Rust on sills
Last Poster: rubdub in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 04:37:12 pm
Totally agree.. and I suppose that is the plan for possibly next year as I've a feeling the arches are starting to go. But  I have an old mini which is cleaning  out my bank account with new panels, welding and paint this year 😂

Re: Ed30 Hybrid Turbo build
Last Poster: ljc19630 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:19:21 pm
Will keep ya posted on trims bud
Trackslag i'm still to get, so cant comment ATM, but i have only heard good things about them.....We live in hope :thinking:

Re: Stage 2+ MK5 GTI vs KO4 Conversion Stage 1
Last Poster: Sam_786 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:08:47 pm
Hi Pudding,

Funnily enough it was one of your posts that swayed me and I’ve done exactly what you have recommended!

I’ve got my car booked in tommorow for a Revo Stage 1 and DSG Stage 1 remap with the SBS as well. Just as you’ve mentioned I’ve got VIS HPFP internals, S3 Intercooler and Revo intake (still not decided) nbsp lined up to purchase in the coming weeks

Re: Release bearing, any issues if left?
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 02:32:46 pm
I don'#039t know for sure if that'#039s the cause, but logically speaking, the original line'#039s rubber section is well over 10 years old now, so probably gets a bit soggy with heat - plus the extra pressure of the uprated clutch. nbsp You can buy an uprated clutch line from various companies, so might be worth a go.

I can definitely recommend a MK6/Scirocco gearbox if yours ever

Re: Service history app
Last Poster: imprezzaworks in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 02:15:10 pm
Yup. Kept on saying vin not working. Ah well.

Re: Fuel tank pressure / vacuum
Last Poster: Pudding in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 02:01:26 pm
If there is no fault code or MIL, don't worry about it.

Re: GVKs Scirocco GT TDi
Last Poster: Pudding in Other VAG on Yesterday at 01:34:30 pm
Yeah our MK6 does 80mph at 2K as well.

Been talked out of a remap by my local VAG specialist.  He sees too many clogged DPFs and knackered fuel pumps/injectors from remaps, but obviously a mapper will keep quiet about that.

I might just bolt on all the GTD hardware instead and flash it accordingly, which he agreed would be the better solution.

Re: Edition 30 - Register
Last Poster: xxgomxx in Mk5 General Area on October 26, 2021, 11:51:25 pm
1593 - XXGOMXX

Re: Creaking from rear passenger wheel under braking?!
Last Poster: Collex88 in Mk5 General Area on October 26, 2021, 11:15:11 pm
Hey mate did you find the source of this noise?
Mine has started doing it and I suspect it's suspension related. Brakes look fine.

Re: Edition 30 powered by RBS
Last Poster: RBS in Members Rides on October 26, 2021, 06:28:39 pm
Hi Everybody nbsp :wink:

Now the Tiguan is all done it’s time to give the ED30 a little more attention :grin:
Enjoying a bit in Croatia this week… Tiguan is going strong :happy2: realy enjoying it over here!!
Getting a lot of nbsp :happy2: from the local community nbsp :wink: and people in general!

So in November/December the ED30 is getting a cambelt service

Re: Deano Candy white GTI
Last Poster: Deano45 in Members Rides on October 26, 2021, 12:01:14 pm
@Deano45 does your climate control remember the temperature settings when you get in the car each time? If not it’s a swap of wires 16 and 20. I thought all people doing this swap no matter build date would at least have

Re: Speaker Wiring Golf MKV
Last Poster: JohnnyJungle in Mk5 General Area on October 26, 2021, 08:53:31 am
Hi Premier50,

I also had a 3 way setup in my MK5 for the fronts. The triangle unit is the crossover, to find the + and - for the front left and right speaker cables going to the head unit I just did a process of elimination for the wires going to the crossover.

I removed the 3 screws to remove the crossover from the door, unplugged the connector then looked a

Re: Compatibility between cluster and MFSW
Last Poster: sylvas in Mk5 General Area on October 25, 2021, 04:04:58 pm
Thanks for the response.

I have already replaced the steering wheel module ( forgot to mention that ) and the steering wheel is in place and buttons have their lights on, but I am currently with lowline cluster so they do nothing at all.

I will be driving to a specialist for the replacement of the cluster (already tried once and I messed it up doing it myself 


Manual Gearbox Shifter Linkage Bushings for MK5 GTI
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £2.00
Delivery or Collection

Brand new, never fitted, Topran branded (OEM equivalent) shifter bushings to suit a 6 speed manual gearbox/MKV GTI. Bought originally for my car which is an 05 plate, unsure which other model years they will fit.
OEM/Suplex standard height MKV GTI Springs
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £10.00
Delivery Only

Set of four springs at standard ride height for a MKV GTI, OEM fronts (probably Sachs) and Suplex (OEM replacement) rears. The fronts are missing some paint but aren't damaged and could easily be cleaned up/painted for some more life. The rears are much newer and have a bit of surface rust around the spring seats.
Eibach Sportline 30mm Lowering Springs
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £10.00
Delivery Only

Full set of Eibach Sportline lowering springs to suit a MKV GTI. I think the axle weights are similar for the GT TDI too but worth checking in case you're planning on fitting them. They lower around 30mm front and rear.

Used for less than 3000 miles before I swapped to something else. Condition is very good with some light marking in the spring seat area (pictured).
"PCD" 2x12mm Wheel Spacers
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £5.00
Delivery or Collection

As per title. 57.1mm centre bore, 5x112mm PCD. Note that these won't fit the rear axle as the spigot is too long but should be fine for the front. There's a groove (pictured) on one of the spacers from where I tried fitting it before realising this but it won't affect performance. Mating surfaces still clean and true. Includes longer wheel bolts.
H&R 10mm Wheel Spacers
Location: Perth, Scotland
Postage: £5.00
Delivery or Collection

2x H&R Wheel Spacers, 10mm width. Brand new, never fitted, includes longer wheel bolts. Note that the box says 20mm although this refers to the total track width increase.
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