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Mk5 General Area / Re: Odd steering/crap handling
« Last post by swansem on Today at 03:41:17 pm »
No, I’ve owned this car for 7 years, this started happening about a year and a half ago, right around the time I swapped wheels/tyres, front sway bar endlinks, upper strut mounts and coil overs(did all this at the same time), it was never like this before that.

I’ve checked all suspension components, everything looks and feels rock solid, there’s no play anywhere, don’t see any cracked bushings.

It’s mostly this numbness at the center of the steering wheel what bothers me, where you could turn about an inch to each side pretty much effortlessly as in before it would feel a lot heavier (especially after installing the WALK), obviously this problem becomes more noticeable the faster I’m going, let’s say if I’m on the highway going straight at 80mph I could turn the steering wheel about an inch back and forth to each side and the car won’t turn at all.
Mk5 General Area / Kufatec heated seat loom
« Last post by jpc77 on Today at 12:21:20 pm »
Hi I have a 2007 1.9tdi with the heated seats switches in but the loom was not fitted. Can anyone send me a diagram/show where the three wires are meant to go they are all white, look identical and all the same thickness. The loom is from a company called Kufatec it came with the car when I bought it but no instructions 🙈. I’ve contacted Kufatec and no response.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Passenger door not locking on remote
« Last post by LC5F on Today at 10:49:49 am »
Thanks - will give the contact cleaner a go -
My drivers door sometimes doesn't unlock - No issues with the wires in the rubber boot, so felt new lock was the way forward.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Passenger door not locking on remote
« Last post by Lewo on Today at 10:39:03 am »
Glad it's sorted  :happy2:
I have what sounds like the same issue. In my case it is because the car is actually moving slowly backwards when on an incline. Even if leave in gear, it will do it a little before settling.

I found that the handbrake on one side wasn’t working, meaning that the other side was doing all the work.

Easy way to check is to jack up the car and have both wheels in the air and handbrake off. Pull up the handbrake one click at a time and check to make sure each wheel is tightening evenly. In my case, one was tightening up and the other barely changing. I have a new caliper on the way.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Odd steering/crap handling
« Last post by Hypertuned on Today at 04:49:10 am »
Are you coming to this from a more modern car?  Coz older VWs steering used to feel number around centre & needed a fair amount of input compared to more modern cars, with their electric steering & higher ratio racks.

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Odd steering/crap handling
« Last post by swansem on Yesterday at 11:08:55 pm »
I have done 4 alignments since I installed them a year ago ( subframe has had to come off multiple times because of clutch swap, sway bar, etc)
On my most recent alignment, which was done this month, I asked for the front toe to be set to 0 degrees just to see if this would make it any better, it didn’t. 

Im attaching the printouts of all the alignments I’ve had (last one is the most recent one) :

I have also tried increasing the tyre pressure to like 42 psi and even though it gets a little better, it doesn’t completely get rid of it, my other problem with having tyre pressure set that high is that the ride becomes horrible, too stiff and bouncy, not ideal for daily driving.
 Did try to raise the car a bit too, didn’t make a difference.
The steering column shaft doesn’t have any play in it either, I have checked that too.
MK6 General Area / Re: New brakes
« Last post by Eighteen88 on Yesterday at 10:51:20 pm »
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my request for help.
However I’d already ordered my new set up from awesome GTi.

Went for a Tarox Discs (F2000) & Pads.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Passenger door not locking on remote
« Last post by breeze on Yesterday at 06:32:54 pm »
So… interesting.

I stripped the door down, fitted the new lock module and tried the lock. Bingo it started working.

I tested, opening and closing the door and it was fine. Result. I tried again later thinking it would be fine and there was a problem, it wouldn’t lock again.

At that point I gave the wiring between the body and the door a squeeze and tried again. It stated working. I unclipped the rubber boot and inspected the wiring, expecting to find a break but saw nothing untoward. So I sprayed electrical contact cleaner into the pins and refitted. Seems to be working again, for now at least.

I found somebody on YouTube who had similar problems in his door and contact cleaner worked for him. Time will tell if that was the problem and if the fix lasts.

For those of you in a similar situation, it may be worth checking the wiring and even using contact cleaner on the pins, before stripping down. Much cheaper and can be done in about five minutes.
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